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The Walking Dead Monopoly (Survival Edition) – €40 (+p&p) from USApoly. To wit:

All the wheeling and dealing of the original game remains, but any form of currency is about as useless as Monopoly money in this wretched environment. So you now negotiate with firearms, ammunition, first aid kits, whatever resources you can muster to survive. The dog, the shoe, the top hat. All gone. Sadly destroyed in the early days of the outbreak. These standard Monopoly pieces have been given a unique twist to fit the world of Robert Kirkman’s gory graphic novel. With a katana, a bucketful of human giblets and ‘Lucille’ (a baseball bat exquisitely wrapped in barbed wire) all making an appearance.



An All-Ireland Monopoly game you say?

features the 22 greatest Irish counties as voted for by the public

From Westmeath to Roscommon, there are places you’ll know and some you don’t

Travel round the board buying up places–and hope the luck of the Irish is with you!

Includes pieces shaped like local landmarks


Made in Waterford too.

Monopoly Here and Now All-Ireland Edition (Amazon.co.uk)

H/t L.A.D

com_linz_06_640 com_tai_01_600An anti market capitalisation art/game project by Big Hope, what sez:

The name Commonopoly is paraphrased from Monopoly, understood both as the economic term and the name of the well-known board game. Unlike Monopoly, the goal of Commonopoly is not the exhaustion, through monopolization, of a virtual stock of goods, but rather the expansion and preservation of a self-propelling sustainable system of recycling, production and distribution. The word ‘common’ employed in the name originates from the notion of ‘the commons’, that is, the resources such as air, water, public space etc. that by their nature contradict attempts at private ownership. Commonopoly is a model of a system where resources are held in common, avoiding their depletion.

Exchange, collaboration, mutual trust.

The long Winter evenings will just fly by.

(H/T: Spaghetti Hoop)