32 thoughts on “Was It For This?

    1. Jess

      So does Britain. In fact, though we may drink more I would say Britain has a bigger problem. They seem to have a lot more angry drunks

  1. joey joe

    You were given it because the Irish are heavy drinkers. In general. So when your high liver function readings come back they may be able to diagnose you with an alcohol related liver condition.
    The truth hurts, I know.

  2. mauriac

    constant denigration is just the price to pay for living on John bulls island.Irish is a synonym for stupid there.

  3. medieval knievel

    question 1 is badly worded. i assume it’s meant to refer to how many ‘sessions’ you have, but technically it’s askign how many drinks you have.

  4. John E. Bravo

    In my long years in england’s nhs, this has never happened to me. Very much doubt it’s standard practice.

    1. ahyeah

      Ha! You mean approach it in a rational manner? And not post it to the Internet for outrage and attention? You’re new here, right?

  5. cyal8tr

    Is that because you come from a country with a massive drink problem and that you more than likely binge drink regularly?

    1. delacaravanio

      Bollocks. When you think of France, Germany and Austria I doubt the first thing that enters your head is countries with a massive drink problem, but the fact is all three drink more per capita than the Irish according to the OECD.

  6. One Dub

    Excuse me.
    I’m probably in the wreongf place. I’m looking for someone who’s sobeer.

    Is it wrong to…hang on…
    Is it righr ??
    -Is it

    What was the queschun?
    The kwestion..

    The thing…
    what was it?

  7. Freddie

    No, its not because you’re Irish. Its because alcohol related illness is a massive strain on the NHS, and they’re trying to tackle this problem.

  8. Monahan Mangan

    Been a customer of the NHS for over ten years now and have never seen this form.

    Two options present themselves:

    1. It’s now standard practice in whatever local authority area you’re in to issue the form to all new customers – perhaps as a pilot project or a specific attempt to hit targets on problem drinking.
    2. You arrived at the doctor’s office with a stinking hangover.

    Either way, I find it extremely difficult to imagine a scenario where one would be given such a form purely because you’re Irish. I also imagine it contravenes the Equalities Act

  9. Ex pat

    I recently moved to the UK, registered with a doctor back in Oct/Nov time and wasn’t given this. Not standard practice.

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