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According to the former Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, now the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment (although he seems to be firmly opposed to all three) this is vital to stop ‘unfair’ competition. The police – to show they are determined to get tough on anyone taking advantage of the crisis by, say, selling children’s toys or books – were reported to be out in force this weekend to ensure compliance.

But hold on. This is completely crazy. For the moment, let us leave aside the issue of whether it is a slight overreaction to a virus which, while infections are rising, killed

between zero and thirteen people a day over the last month in Ireland. Let’s leave aside as well how complex it will make the border with Northern Ireland – given that presumably anyone from the Republic will be able to drive across the border to buy garden equipment or a new T-shirt (I hope someone has broken the news to Michel Barnier so he can work out what the heck that means for the backstop). The important point is this: it has turned into a terrifying abuse of government power.

Ireland’s lockdown war on the economy (Matthew Lyn, The Spectator)

Padraig Cribben, Chief Executive Of Vintners’ Federation of Ireland; Claire Byrne

This morning

RTÉ Radio One Today with Claire Byrne.

Padraig Cribben, Chief Executive Of Vintners’ Federation of Ireland discussed the undrinkable unthinkable…

Claire Byrne: “If people, you say, some people are selling drink [in alleged “shebeens”], if there are house parties happening and we know that there are over 200 clusters as a result of gatherings, social gatherings in private houses, should we stop having, should drinks stop being sold altogether for a period of time?

Cribben: “Well, I mean it’s like everything else, I think all of those things need to be considered but the real, the real issue here is people taking personal responsibility and the real issue is that pubs are a controlled environment and the one thing that pubs are used to, they’re used to regulation, they’re used to controlling, they’re used to controlling people, they’re used to implementing regulation that they might not be terribly happy with. I mean if you go back, if you go back to the smoking ban of whatever number of years ago, that has been implemented with a high level of success.”

Byrne: “Yeah, it’s slightly different though, controlling the spread of a pandemic.”

Cribben: “But I mean the point is give us the guidelines, put the sanctions in place, police the sanctions and the publicans of this country will respond accordingly.”

Byrne: “OK, but go back to the sale of drink from off-licences. Because you have said, haven’t you, that it should be paused, stopped for three weeks at least?”

Cribben: “No, what I have actually said is that if, if NPHET believes that that to be a source of the problem, they should consider it. I think that’s slightly different than saying that it should be done. They may decide that’s not an issue. It very well may not be the issue. But, you know, I think, certainly cheap alcohol in supermarkets is an issue we’ve been consistent in saying that, for the last decade. It’s not just now. And I do believe that that should be addressed and addressed now.”



Stuck in LOKdown?

Bring the boozer to you.

Dublin-based Rascal Brewing Company write:

We are offering FREE DELIVERY on beer orders to anyone in the beautiful counties of Laois, Offaly and Kildare. Sod the LOKdown and treat yourself to some Rascals beers; we’ll treat you the delivery charge.

In fairness

Rascal Beers (Rascal Brewing Company)

For your consideration.

‘It is the year 2019, and Ireland maintains its nefarious law against the sale of alcohol after 10pm. You’re at home with some friends, and as always, did not buy enough beer to last the night.

You rush to the shop to restock, and arrive one minute before 10pm. Hurry up and load up on the booze your friends ask for before the clock strikes ten, forcing you into a packed pub for the rest of the night.’

A new game by Jennifer Abe and Clara Kumagai with art and coding by Aidan O’Flannagain telling the age-old story of rushing to buy drink moments before 10pm.


Play here

Please feel free to share it. Credits are in the site, and also here:


This afternoon.

Brussels, Belgium.

Taoiseach Leo Vardkar and hooch-soaked, perpetually inappropriate European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker discuss Brexit and backstop.

Fluff his hair.

Fluff his hair.


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