59 thoughts on “Bacon Tuesday

  1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    Erm, the yanks love pancakes with bacon n maple syrup. It’s just an Irish twist. Thin pancakes with rashers and probably ketchup. Bob’s yer uncle.

  2. Vote Rep #1

    Pancakes with bacon is an american thing that is damn nice, hence you can get it here. Its a bit like saying when did french toast become a thing.

    1. Twunt

      It must be crispy bacon and not a half inch wedge of a super salty Irish rasher. The thick rasher has no business getting itself involved here.

  3. Kolmo

    Americans do it, someone saw it on telly, now we do it. Like Big Red Plastic Cups at parties now and using the word ‘awesome’ as a description of something that normally we would describe as nice, tasty or good – no, has to be awesome….

    Oh, and saying ‘I guess’ for ‘I suppose’ – melts my brain

  4. Manta Rae

    Do us a favour Der and give saying ‘a thing’ for Lent. It’s one of the most irritating phrases doing the rounds these days, after ‘Joan Burton’ of course…

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      It’s a nice name. I had to look it up. To shrive means to confess, so you think of all the aul sins you need to repent for over Lent, as you lash into your pancakes n maple syrup n banana n chipped almonds.

    2. Hosannah in the Hiace

      Leave the Skobes alone you snob. What with Man Unided struggling they need a diversion that don’t involve exercise

  5. martco

    maple syrup has to be one of the finest things available to man, light grade A if you can get your hands on it

    1. lightly oil a tin into an oven @220 for 5 mins to put a bit of heat on it
    2. lay out some straight plain dry cure bacon slices onto that tin (not the injected flavoured shite nobody likes….bacon industry WHY T F do you ruin our bacon by doing this????)
    taking care not to overlap the slices back in the oven for 12-15 mins depending on how cremated you like to go…
    3. pancakes as you please while oven does its thing, I like the thicker fluffy kind made on buttermilk see nigel slater
    4. maple syrup into a serving jug, ding in microwave for 20 secs to warm a little…make a pot of tea while you’re at it (allowing to draw properly)
    5. serve up on warm plates (jesus there’s nothing worse than putting great food on cold plates!)….assemble quickly to keep the heat…layers of pancake with skim of butter, crispy bacon…the maple syrup, spare butter and some maldon salt to the side just in case

    job done

  6. Con Kennedy

    The Vintage Inn in The Ringer/Irishtown (Posh Ringsend) used to to breakfast pancakes, 2 pancakes, 2 rashers, 2 sausages, 2 eggs, 2 black pudding all drizzled with maple syrup.

    Tremendous stuff altogether!

  7. spork

    maple syrup is about €18 a litre. makes water charges look cheap by comparison. actually, it makes everything cheap by comparison. i did some vague research (googling) on it a few years back, apparently you need to refine 100lts of sap to get 1 litre of syrup, which may explain the price and deliciousness.

  8. Gdo

    I like the word bacon. It’s easier to say: bacon. It’s also more evocative. Rasher sounds like something you suffer from in your crotch area when you’ve been running loads.

  9. Someone

    I’d like to get a look at those pancakes.

    Unless they’re very big pancakes, €1.25 seems like a lot for eggy flour.

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