25 thoughts on “Tree Pruning Gang Update

    1. Ultach

      That’s exactly the instruction my oul boy gave me for every single job he ever asked me to do: a good bit, but no too much. Thanks Da.

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Cutting Crew.
      “I just died in your arms tonight, it must’ve been something you said”

  1. Eoghany

    I thought it was more than obvious from the previous post that there was some kind of training or demo going on. People love to make a fuss about nothing.

  2. Talismania!

    I’m sure the Broadsheet editors do this before a day of hard work, to ensure consistency of their “news” and journalistic efforts. I’d like to think it involves more coffee and less high-vis jackets.

  3. Jonotti

    OMG that means the reactionary know it all plebs were wrong. What else have they spectacularly misunderstood

    1. Clampers Outside!

      ‘reactionary know it alls’…. did you even read the original comments?

      Do you mean the know it alls that suggested the cherry picker was a big selfie stick
      This was the carry on of the special branch
      The couple of serious ones which were close to the mark :)

      Chill there, the plebs are alright.

  4. Caroline

    So just to be clear, what Councillor O’Brien is saying is that around 7% of council workers are spanners who will f*ck the job up for the rest of the team given the opportunity.

      1. Caroline

        I took the same approach to reading his response as he took to reading the original thread.

        I must say it was tremendous fun and I envisage the feeling of smug superiority will last the rest of the day.

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