Tayto Park The Cú Chulainn Coaster

This morning.

Tayto announced the name of its controversial wooden rollercoaster which is due to launch in Summer .


Tayto boss Raymond Coyle writes

Our rollercoaster has been named after one of the great eternal heroes of Irish history, The Cú Chulainn Coaster…With the figure of the great Irish warrior emblazoned across the front of the Tayto Park rollercoaster Cú Chulainn’s role in Irish history will be front of mind for everyone who rides the coaster this Summer…


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20 thoughts on “Fly Cú Chulainn Fly

  1. Drogg

    How clever can it be to build an outdoor rollercoaster out of wood, seriously how much stress can it take and how will it fair in our ever damp weather conditions?

    1. Soundings

      Shurrup you, ya’re nothing but a begrudger belittling the enterprise of a company which is probably amongst those most responsible for Ireland’s obesity epidemic.

      1. Drogg

        Well if your going to make people fatter, maybe you should build your rollercoaster out of metal is all I’m saying in all and anyways.

  2. Kill The Poor

    Wooden rollers coaster are still really popular in the US, they organise special tours around them.

    I reckon it was a clever move, get the yanks in with their bulging wallets, when it eventually collapses at high speed and plummets to the ground all the yanks screaming and clutching their ill-gotten capitalist currency.

    The tayto umpa lumpas can then scavenge in the viscera for wayward dollars and travellers cheques.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Just in …a while ago / Broken already news –

      The Oompa Loompas were made redundant when they realised that Tayto crisps does not mix with chocolate. They’re all on JobBridge now, but thankfully with a bit of make up they’ll all be employed as Leprechauns by Paddy’s Day.

  3. Jwhat

    Feck the nay-sayers. Love the idea of a wooden roller coaster and delighted to see some tourists head north of Dublin for a change. Great name too.

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