No Planks From Them



Further to this distressing scene in Stoneybatter, Dublin this week.

Blamed on Irish Water workers….



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Tulip writes:

Ya can see ‘GMC Sierra’  [Irish Water meter installer] printed on the hoardings…

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42 thoughts on “No Planks From Them

  1. Mani

    The works are being carried out by GMC Sierra, not Irish Water. However it is total bullpoo that Irish Water’s twitter is telling you they don’t deal with the complaints regarding the work as they are responsible for passing complaints on to GMC Sierra. Try ringing them like a human being rather than impotently tweeting at some under-chromosomed PR lad/lady.

    1. JimmytheHead

      That and all the GMC Sierra / Irish Water branded vehicles they all drive. I keep thinking about all those videos the protesters post up where the GMC Sierra guys keep repeating “contact Irish Water”.

  2. ahyeah

    Not being carried out ‘by’ Irish Water, but being carried out on behalf of Irish Water? Under the instruction of Irish Water? These fuppers don’t seem to have learned anything – a little bit of respect for people would help a lot.

    1. Soundings

      Yep, give John Tierney a giant kick up the transom, and then blame the steel-capped boot, see how he likes it.

  3. SLFC Ultra

    Looks to me like they are fixing up the footpath? Cement etc..

    Any proof that they are doing any water meter work here?

      1. Steve

        Could be water meters but it looks like they have repaved the whole street. After seeing previous pics on water meter installations it looks like contractors would only repave sections around meter box…and not do such a smooth finish of it!! so maybe street repaving???

        Or probably it’s just a case of bodger willing to take any sort of broadsheet submission to get his/her IW hate / click bait on?? Even when it’s potential horsepoo? Btw Bodger are you a man or woman?

          1. Steve

            Hmmm?? Don’t see any GMC signage on the hoardings on any of the pics uploaded by broadsheet. Happy to be proved wrong though. And will accept gracefully if done so.

            I’m guessing a lot of construction companies, including GMC, use those orange hoardings.

            @spartacus great input.

          2. Mani

            You are right. In fact it’s the mole people, finally making their move to destroy all ‘Grounders’. Marty Morrissey was a scout for their Mole King, he has given word that the time has come for the UPRISING. May god have mercy on us all.

          3. SweetPeteato

            Irish Water are not GMC Sierra’s only clients. It is entirely plausible that this is GMC’s handy work and the IW Twitter
            person isn’t telling porkies

        1. Nice Anne (Dammit)

          Why ask this unless you a gender to direct your stupidity towards? Trolling dope is neither a misandrist nor a misogynist (or are they both…….)

          1. Steve

            @tulip excellent zooming. I stand corrected , but sweet potato also makes a good potato.

            @anne, no misogyny intended. It was a genuine question. Bodger can guess I’m a man, just sick of referring to bodger with “him/her” or “it”. No bother though.

  4. Mr. T.

    You should all consult The Irish Independent newspaper for completely unbiased and factual top quality journalism for all news on the installation of water meters and associated protests.

    They are not at all compromised and are entirely neutral on matters such as privatization of public services.

    1. Steve

      It’s probably worth pointing out that other publically owned companies like ESB, BGE, Coillte etc don’t need the 2 houses of the oireachtas voting for their sale followed up by a referendum on it…as per the recent Water act.

      And nobody is out on the streets about Aer lingus potentially being sold off, a move which only needs simple Government approval…not both houses of the oireachtas and/or plebiscite.

      But Steve water is more important than electricity and gas so you can’t compare selling off Irish Water to ESB or BGE!!!!! It’s needed for life!!! Ok electricity isn’t needed for life , so we will go back to burning wood / cut turf for heat in our homes and not being to comment on broadsheet coz we can’t charge our phone.

      Keep fighting the agenda Mr.T even if logic, history or statute stands in your way.

      1. Anomanomanom

        I agree, but why would anyone be out on the street for Aer Lingus. It’s a private company bar the share the government owns.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    Contact the council, DCC, ask if works are being done.

    If they say none, then if you feel strongly enough, I would recommend you remove all barriers and stack them in a space on the road, preferably where there are double yellow lines, then report it to DCC for dumping and to DCC for clamping…. then wait and see.

    After all, if it is not IW / DCC then no one has permission to dig up the path.

    1. ollie

      clampers, iw received a blanket exemption from the road opening licence process, so dcc probably won’t know who is responsible
      as was suggested remove the barriers and carry on with life!

          1. Banotti

            Hey Scottser. Remember when you were completely wrong earlier? I’ll be back tomorrow in a few days to point out your latest mistake.

    1. ollie

      sure they are….. in a country where bating your wife or headbutting a garda doesn’t merit a custodial sentence. dream on!

  6. Anomanomanom

    I agree if this is anything to do with IW it’s a disgrace. But since most people on here are always IW bashing and backing the protesters. I find it funny there is no mention of 5 protesters up in court today. Or how one them threatened the judge.

  7. fulladapipes

    No matter who was doing this work, the reality is it’s totally illegal the way it has been done there, contravening Roads Act and traffic signs manual which comes under it. As they’re working on a footpath, there’s also a good chance that there’s state money somewhere down the line funding this.

    This is just lazy contractors being lazy. And cheap. It was too much effort to do the job properly. And if nobody bothers complaining (to DCC here) then they’ll keep doing it.

    To say just get on with life is also lazy.

    1. Jonotti

      Bodger has run a mile from this despite it being posted on every other mickey mouse news site. Stick to the laughs broadsheet and leave the political crusades to others.

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