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Last night

Scenes from Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast host to the Red Bull Crashed Ice Event for downhill skaters.

Randomer writes:

Yesterday’s heats for skaters from all over the world – including seven from the Republic – trying to get a chance for the finals tomorrow night.
They included the south’s Graeme Pollard, who is currently in 16th place, Paul Kennedy, who is 18th, and 21st-place Christopher McConnell.
More than 40,000 spectators are expected to attend over the two days of a series of races that will see competitors reaching around 65kph down the 430m-long track that leads down from the steps of Parliament Buildings at Stormont.
Crews of workers spent 34 days setting up the 10cm-thick artificial ice track and five days of round-the-clock work to create the massive 337,000 cubic litres of ice that is being kept frozen with 22,500 meters of cooling pipes.

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  1. veritas

    an artificial ice track would refer to a plastic surface,if it uses real ice as it seems to do as there are pipes to freeze it then it is a real ice track.

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