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Last night.

Richie Sadlier tears into Red Bull-funded German side Leipzig and Paris Saint-Germain, currently owned by the ruler of human rights-violating Qatar.

In fairness.



Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin.

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series debuted in Ireland with a sun-soaked competition in front of an estimated 145,000 at Dún Laoghaire Harbour.

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Pics 1-3: Dean Treml

Middle pic: Emmet Martin


US diver David Colturi in action yesterday.

Pic by Barbara McCarthy

Galway hurler Joe Canning and his limited edition Red Bull can

Joe Canning special edition Red Bull.

The Breakfast of champions.

David Cronolly writes:

Following Sunday’s epic semi-final battle between Galway and Clare, Red Bull Athlete, Joe Canning was presented with his own Red Bull limited edition can.

Available from this week, the limited-edition Red Bull can is available in stores nationwide.  Joe Canning now joins a select group of international athletes such as Neymar Jr., Max Verstappen and Danny MacAskill, who all have had Red Bull cans designed for them.


Joe Canning (Red Bull)


Last night

Scenes from Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast host to the Red Bull Crashed Ice Event for downhill skaters.

Randomer writes:

Yesterday’s heats for skaters from all over the world – including seven from the Republic – trying to get a chance for the finals tomorrow night.
They included the south’s Graeme Pollard, who is currently in 16th place, Paul Kennedy, who is 18th, and 21st-place Christopher McConnell.
More than 40,000 spectators are expected to attend over the two days of a series of races that will see competitors reaching around 65kph down the 430m-long track that leads down from the steps of Parliament Buildings at Stormont.
Crews of workers spent 34 days setting up the 10cm-thick artificial ice track and five days of round-the-clock work to create the massive 337,000 cubic litres of ice that is being kept frozen with 22,500 meters of cooling pipes.

Random Irish Photos on Instagram

Random Irish Photos

Yesterday: Some Assembly Required



Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast, Co Antrim Down  today.

In preparation for this weekend’s third Red Bull Crashed Ice [hurtling on ice skates] event  of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship.

Tougher than the peace process.

Colm Ó Riagáin writes:

It starts in front of  Stormont Buildings and passes right next to the 12-foot high statue of Lord Carson. Along the way down the hill there are five tough turns and two big bridges – the parliament bridge and Carson bridge. One of the most irresistible features of the Belfast track is a scintillating U-turn wall ride right before the 100 international and 40 national athletes in the competition make a mad dash to the finish line….


Take that, Cú Chulainn.

Red Bull Crashed Ice in Belfast

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 13.24.17

Niall Neeson writes:

“Welcome to the first of two Brian Lotti edits from our international gang of marauders, as we linked up with the Belfast crew for a few days of rampaging around old haunts. From there, our adventure took us up through County Antrim to Portrush, right on the north coast, for a solid day of street skating in glorious sunshine.”

“Morning would come too early and we would find ourselves putting in the hard yards to cross Lough Foyle and into the majesty and mystery of County Donegal where we once again had hospitality to take your breath away from skaters and old ladies alike.”

“Running the gauntlet of storms we crammed in some schoolyard sessions and stopped the traffic once or twice before easing out across the lakelands of Fermanagh and across the entire country to Dublin. That, however, is a story for next week; right now enjoy some lesser-spotted skateboarding from the backstreets and backyards of Ulster.”

40 Shades: Bobby Worrest and friends in Ireland (Redbull.com)

Thanks Colm


Mayo News reports:

“A District Court judge has questioned the logic of bringing two charges of theft against a Castlebar man after hearing that the total amount of the alleged goods stolen was approximately €3. Michael Maughan of Moneen Campsite, Castlebar, was arrested at McHale Road on April 29 last, for the alleged theft of one can of Red Bull and one bottle of 7up from Cathal Duffy’s on the Ballinrobe Road, Castlebar, on the same date.”

“Judge Devins outlined that Maughan would qualify for legal aid and could take the matter to a higher court, possibly resulting in the State paying up to €10,000 in legal costs.”

Alleged €3 theft could cost state €10,000 (Mayo News)

Pic: Yummly.com


A Red Bull TV advert suggesting that Titanic passengers could have survived if they had drunk the energy drink is facing a possible investigation after complaints from descendants of those travelling on the doomed liner. The Advertising Standards Authority has received 110 complaints since 9 September about the Red Bull ad, including one from the Titanic Heritage Trust. Titanic Heritage Trust founder Howard Nelson said: “Red Bull is using a tragic event to promote and sell its products without care for the people that were lost.”


Red Bull’s Titanic ad could face investigation after 110 complaints (John Reynolds, The Guardian)