And The Award For Diversity Goes To…


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Animator Bard Edlund visualises the paltry diversity of Oscar winners over the years (including his own advance predictions for 2015). He sez:

A lot of noise has been made about the lack of diversity among nominees for the Oscars this year. This video shows how many black, hispanic, and asian winners there have been throughout history, across four main categories — best actor/actress, supporting actor/actress, writing (original and adapted screenplays), and directing.


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12 thoughts on “And The Award For Diversity Goes To…

    1. rotide

      No, but the demographic breakdown of the United States does.

      Well, it makes it slightly better than the hysterical #oscarssowhite makes it out to be.

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        Why? Are there lots of very tall white men who are not being given the chance to play in the NBA. Sure they probably don’t even want to play basketball, white people like other things like ice hockey.

      2. rotide

        A Couple of things.

        Firstly, I was referring to the oscars with the demographics thing.

        Secondly, Yes there are a lot of very tall white men who would like to play basketball but the NBA is a meritocracy so mostly cannot play because they are simply not good enough.

        If I were a braver man, I could make the same argument about the oscars which is also nominally a meritocracy.

          1. Don Pidgeoni

            *settles into conspiracy mode*

            Basically, there are a few very powerful producers in charge who can nudge nominations in they way they would like so that actors get work with them. And at the very least, the producers supporting certain actors in these films and pushing them forward is what gets them the Oscar.

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