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This afternoon.


Ireland’s only Oscar 2021 nom’.

Thanks, Academy.

Irish film Wolfwalkers lands Oscar nomination (RTÉ)

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Animator Bard Edlund visualises the paltry diversity of Oscar winners over the years (including his own advance predictions for 2015). He sez:

A lot of noise has been made about the lack of diversity among nominees for the Oscars this year. This video shows how many black, hispanic, and asian winners there have been throughout history, across four main categories — best actor/actress, supporting actor/actress, writing (original and adapted screenplays), and directing.


missing scarf

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that 10 animated short films will advance in the voting process for the 86th Academy Awards.

INCLUDING The Missing Scarf by Vancouver based Irish animator Eoin Duffy (he of the wonderful On Departure and The Unconscious Homeless Man).

Fifty-six pictures had originally qualified in the category.

10 Animated Shorts Advance in 2013 Oscar® Race

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He’s only been nominated for an Oscar!

In the live action short category for his directorial debut Pentecost.

The short, according to the LA Times, “tells the story of Damien Lynch, a young altar boy who is offered the chance to serve at an important Mass in his small town, his chance to redeem himself after his last turn as altar boy two weeks before, when he knocked Father O’Toole off the altar.”

It also stars the god-voiced Andrew Bennett:


Oscar shorts: ‘Pentecost’ Merges Worlds Of Sports And Church (LA Times)

Also: Northern Ireland film The Shore Earns Oscar nomination (Silicon Republic)