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Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 23.39.02 Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 23.39.17Osín before and after

Aoife, a volunteer with My Lovely Horse Rescue writes:

We thought your readers might like to see what goes on in Dublin’s suburbs on a Saturday night….one minute you’re in the shower getting ready for a night on the town, next thing a call comes in about a small foal, abandoned in Neilstown, Clondalkin.

And this (above) is what we found, we called him Oisín. He was so cold and underweight, the best place for him turned out to be his foster’s kitchen! So far so good, he is doing well, he is on special feed and veterinary care, and under a heat lamp in a stable.

It’s been an eventful week, as usual, on Wednesday we also had to deal with a stallion stuck in railings (this is the second horse we’ve has to rescue from railings).

All this costs us money, so if your readers would like to support us, get down to the upstairs of Foley’s bar, off Baggot St for a Table Quiz, Thursday, 26th Feb @ 7.30pm – table of 4 is €60 but that includes finger food and a great night is in store. Cathy Davey & Neil Hannon will be doing music rounds.

Book your table by emailing Sure what else would you be doing? Thank you.

My Lovely Horse Rescue


My Lovely Horse Rescue

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11 thoughts on “Lovely Horse Latest

  1. mauriac

    horses aren’t endangered. why not just send this foal to the dog food factory? same with all the donkeys people are always fundraising for.

    1. Wahey

      Why don’t we send you and the likes of you to the dog food factory instead? No idea what you’re like but pretty sure I’d rather hang out with the foal.

      1. mauriac

        oh grow up.250,000 horses are slaughtered in Europe each year…should we start adopting and fundraising for cows and pigs next?

  2. Rosemary Mullen

    A society is judged by how it treats others weaker than itself. If we abuse and exploit animals because we can then it shows what a brutalised society we have. If we try to do the best we can for them, care for them when ill ensure they have what they need and only slaughter when necessary we will live more in harmony with the rest of the world. Many humans are some of the worst predators on the planet. Well done to those who are compassionate.

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