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HorseCork sludge/hardcore four-piece

What you may need to know…

01. Last we heard of Cork-based hardcore outfit Horse, they were getting riled up for Lodgefest II, at the now-defunct Pine Lodge venue, late last year.

02. In the months since, the band has released a split 12″ single alongside fellow Leeside rabble-rousers Bisect. We featured that band’s side of the record not too long ago.

03. Their half of it is streaming in the widget above and available for download as a stand-alone release.

04. Next live excursion is another bus out of town, this time to Connolly’s of Leap, on February 24th, for the Leaping-ton show. Hope is Noise and Horse are joined by new lads The Liminals and, in their first Cork show in years, post-metallers Rest.

Thoughts: Having firmly settled into a new line-up, Horse’s weighty, downtuned hardcore is newly focused, and somehow even more abrasive.



HORSECork hardcore quartet playing Lodgefest in October

What you may need to know…

01. Leeside hardcore four-piece Horse comprises members of former Cork axe-wielders Ghost of Medina, Terriers and Slugbait among others.

02. Surfacing with initial live excursions around the city in 2014, the band released its debut EP, fünderland, in March of 2015, shortly before recruiting their current vocallist.

03. Streaming above is the video for the band’s recent single Dragging. Shot and edited by Rob O’Halloran.

04. Next live appearance is at Cork’s Lodgefest II excursion at the Pine Lodge, in Myrtleville. Hope is Noise are launching their album, Ten Past Seven play their first show in three years, and new band Onkalo also debut.

VERDICT: Uncompromising and weighty, and as singularly focused as you’ll see in Irish heavy music. See them live to get the full extent of it.