The Yes People



Pro-same sex marriage group  Vote With Us offering voters a “chance to find and share reasons to vote yes in the upcoming referendum on marriage equality”.

NO hectoring.

Eoin Wison (not the actor) writes:

Vote With Us is an exciting new campaign for the yes and undecided voters. Referendum campaigns are often held hostage by the same commentators, playing out the debate out of reach of everyday people. We hope this campaign will hand the conversation back to Irish voters and allow them to positively engage others in a respectful and hopeful way, up and down the country

Vote With Us

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11 thoughts on “The Yes People

      1. Omar Sarhan

        It’s nice to see someone organizing a positive campaign alright, most canvassing thee days in Ireland appeals to people’s fears, no to this or no to that.
        The only one quibble I have is that the logo reminds me of the safe food logo. Although that’s probably just how I’m wired.

        1. Don Pidgeoni

          Will also look great against the pearl-clutching eye-rolling lunacy of the ‘No’ campaign.

          PS Love the infographics, keep it up!

  1. KEDzo

    This is great. Fair play to people for getting off their arses and doing something for a yes vote.

  2. chris

    Just a thought on balance, from a Yes voter…
    Is it just my imagination, or are all ‘yes’ posts shown as wonderful and positive, while anything suggesting ‘no’ is lambasted, and equated with the iona institute (small i on purpose)?

    1. Der

      Broadsheet isn’t governed by the BAI, it’s not required to “balance” the right thing to do with people who think the world is going to end.

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