Aon Vulcan Eile



Star Trek’s Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) among a host of Hollywood stars featured on TG4’s movie show Ponc and  forced asked nicely to speak Irish

Colmán Mac Séalaigh writes:

Le tús curtha le Seachtain na Gaeilge tá muid ar fad ag déanamh iarracht breise an Ghaeilge a labhairt-ná déanaigí dearmad go bhfuil cúpla focal ag na celebs freisin!

Easy for him to say.

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18 thoughts on “Aon Vulcan Eile

  1. Colmán

    Forced to speak Irish – haha very good – I think that interview was from last year anyways and they seem quite happy on the interview on an IRISH speaking television company. Nice try! Maybe if you learned a little Irish yourself you wouldnt be so begrudging Mr Bodger (?). #An Ghaeilge Abú

    1. Ultach

      To be fair to Bodger, Colmán and Kate, I think s/he’s parodying ant-Irish overthetoppery statements such as “forced to learn Irish” which gaelphobes habitually trot out obligingly to facilitate us as we play bigot cliché bingo. Thanks Ann for the “dead language” line. Tick.

  2. NIce Anne

    Live people flogging summit obliged to speak a dead language for us all to bray at. About as interesting as watching paint dry.

    1. Ultach

      Viz “dead language”: repeat a lie often enough and some people will believe it. Still a lie though.

  3. Odis

    This sounds hilarious -just like the star in the reasonably priced car. Maybe they could get The Stig to do it?

  4. Kate o Sullivan

    Have you a link to the actual forcing? Or is this just 4th division trolling of Irish?

  5. jeremy kyle

    In fairness from the Americans I’ve met they usually want to learn/have a go at a few Irish phrases for the laugh.

    I found it mildly amusing.

  6. Ultach

    Are celebs who already speak Irish not cool (or whatever word the young wans are currently using to indicate social estimability) enough?! Huh TG4!
    You know who I mean: Colm Meaney (quite nice despite his surname), Stephen Rea, Gabriel Byrne, the Seoighe sisters, Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh, Dara Ó Briain… erm … Nioclás Tóibín … Mánus Lunney … erm … Aengus Ó Snodaigh … Sinéad O’Connor … Yu Ming … the last Rose of Tralee’s cousins in Leitir Móir, you know, the lesbian one with the short hair …
    Show that lot to the nippers and they’ll not be long embracing the ancestral tongue!

    1. ReproBertie

      You can add Leinster’s Luke Fitzgerald to that list. When TG4 show Leinster matches they often nab him for the comhrá tar éis cluiche and I believe he’s quite popular with na cailíní óga (agus, is dócha, na buachaillí óga freisin).

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