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  1. Rob_G

    Who would call their business ‘Beulah’ anything? It’s like an onomatopoeia for projectile vomiting.

        1. Drogg

          I am originally from drogheda so this has been occupying my timeline for the last 2 days and i seen Beulah go from a top rated company in the area to numerous business owners in the area disassociating any connection with them. I will give them 6 months till they are out of business.

          1. Joe the Lion

            Because of course while they were quiet, discreet little homophobes no-one wanted to call attention to it and happily gave them a lot of business.

  2. ZeligIsJaded

    Bible-Believing Christians

    Egg-Smelling Farts

    There’s a worst kind of everything!

  3. Mikeyfex

    You’ll find it’s quite hard to stand up for your beliefs when you’ve shot yourself in the foot

  4. Sheila

    It will be interesting to see how this pans out for them.

    Daintree is still going. Under new ownership apparently….

    1. CMY-Gay

      Incorrect, Daintree is still owned and operated by same Paul Barnes

      All publicly available info :

      Name PAUL BARNES Date of Birth 07/09/1962
      Officers Title Nationality
      Present Appointments 9 Function Director
      Appointment Date 08/01/1990

      1. Sheila

        I’m sure they had signs up that said under new ownership, which I took with a pinch of salt. Maybe it said under new management. Wouldn’t put it past myself to get it wrong.

      2. Nichola

        DAINTREE PAPER is owned by Daintree Events Ltd. It’s owned by Lar and Ger Barron, who also run Realt Paper. Mr. Barnes has had nothing to do with the business since he sold it in March 2014. It is under new oownership.

    2. Cian

      And the new owners sell plenty of SSM-related stuff at that.

      Daintree were refusing to sell items at all to anyone. That’s legal albeit the reasoning was malicious.

      This place is refusing to provide services to people based on their orientation, which is illegal.

    3. Jesst

      Daintree’s new owners seem to be making a big effort to make their position on SSM known. Saw a ‘Vote Yes’ poster inside the door and they were selling Valentines cards with the proceeds going to an LGBT Charity last time I was there. Fair play I say.

  5. Mani

    I guess you could say…
    *puts on sunglasses*
    they beluah it

  6. Stewart Curry

    According to Wikipedia, Beulah is an underground all-female town in the novel The Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter. The book is set in a dystopian United States where civil war has broken out between different political, racial and gendered groups. A dark satire, the book parodies primitive notions of gender, sexual difference and identity from a post-feminist perspective. Other major themes include sadomasochism and the politics of power.

    Sounds about right.

    1. Murtles

      No it’s still up and running and now has 180 comments under the above post. I’d say they’re onto their third bottle of altar wine now tis all gone tits up.

  7. Corky Duke

    Why cant they choose what business to do and not do? If anyone goes out to a company and asks for their service(whatever it is), surely the company then has a legal right or option to say yes or no to the potential customer, regardless of who they are or what they stand for. Just because a company offers a service, doesnt mean it has to legally say yes all the time.
    They should have just said nothing and just turned away the LGBT business without giving the above reason.

    1. AhHereLeaveItOut

      1. Replace homosexuality in this story with race, gender, disability or any other non-voluntary defining personal trait or characteristic of your choosing
      2. Register your emotional and intellectual reaction to said hypothesis
      3. Answer your own question

    2. Mulch

      They can refuse on pretty much any grounds, except the ones which would be illegal.
      This one is illegal. It falls under discrimination.
      And your last line is the coward’s option.

      1. Corky Duke

        Then i reckon there are plenty of cowardly business men and women out there.
        Pubs and nightclubs discrimenate all the time.

        1. Casey

          “I am sorry Sir / Love, you cannot come into this establishment in order to imbibe more alcohol as we have perceived that if you do, you may become a danger to yourself or others” is not the same as following a gay man to his workplace and telling him you do not want his business just because of who he chooses to share his bed (and married life) with.

          It’s actually not that hard to understand if you really want to….

    3. Stewart Curry

      A company does not have the legal right to say no to people if it’s because of their gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. There’s laws that tell them they can’t. Sure, these guys could have said “no thanks, we’re too busy” but that would have been bearing false witness, which is a sin.

    4. Tomboktu

      If anyone goes out to a company and asks for their service(whatever it is), surely the company then has a legal right or option to say yes or no to the potential customer, regardless of who they are or what they stand for.

      Not under Irish law. Anybody who provides a service to the public must comply with the Equal Satus Act, and it prohibits discrimination on nine grounds: gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, civil status (that’s marriage or civil partnership), membership of the Traveller community, family status (that’s having caring responsibility for a child), and race.


      1. Corky Duke

        Thats correct, and maybe i wasnt clear in my statement i made about a company has the right to say yes or no to the potential customer. If a company say yes they have to comply with this equal Status Act, but they can refuse business if they want too. If asked why, then say too busy as posted above. There are plenty of reasons they can give which would still comply with the equal status act. Anyway, most people will just move along to the next business that offers a similar service.
        Saying the above publicly of course is not the way to go about this though.

        1. The People's Hero

          Such naivety and to be blunt and simplistic drivel….

          They were happy for his custom for four years….. then they were not.

          And just so there’s no ambiguity, “this” “equal status act” as you put it ensures discrimination is unlawful under Irish equality legislation. They discriminated. They will suffer the consequences… Either by a dramatic loss to their business and/or a complain to the Equality Authority. I would guess they’ll be out of business before a complaint can be investigated

  8. Spaghetti Hoop

    Beliefs and business should not mix. Not one person should feel offended by this. It’s their loss, literally, at the end of day / tax year. I know plenty in the wedding business only delighted to read of these immature decisions.

  9. Quid

    Don’t get me wrong I’m pro SSM, but would it be ok for a pro SSM printer to turn down printing bile from Iona?

    1. Cian

      If Iona could argue it was on grounds of religious belief, no. Reality of it is that their stuff probably is printed by people who don’t agree with it already. Happens all the time, services should be provided to all (when legal).

      Locally I know the guy who runs the printing firm near me is Blueshirt as they come (related to an FG TD even) but he runs off SF, FF and Labour leaflets and probably the various small parties too.

  10. Padraig

    yup. BS – can I ask you take that information down? Couldn’t give a shit about Beluah, but I don’t think doxxing is ever acceptable.

  11. Bazzamatta


    Jaysus wept at that.

    I don’t think he cares a jot about civil partnership.

  12. gertrude

    i know where i am going to be getting me mass leaflets printed anyway.

    fair play to you father! feckin’ greeks and their inventing gayness.

  13. Mr. T.

    They’re as bad as each other. Self righteous preaching on both sides.

    Most of us inhabit the middle ground where people negotiate and compromise.

    1. Ms Piggy

      And what is the compromise between treating all citizens equally and…not doing? You can’t be a little bit equal.

    2. Nially

      So they should have printed one half of his invitations?

      Seriously, this is utter nonsense. If they’re “as bad as each other”, then to your mind it’s apparently wrong to discriminate, and also wrong to call any attention to discrimination. So a bad thing happens, but never gets fixed. You’re a total muppet.

  14. Gers

    Cue in a wave of insults and derogatory words directed at the business owner. Using much worse tolerance than the Business owner himself. Well done all, a lesson in tolerance. He is entitled to his opinion and we are entitled to not use his business to print whatever. Its that simple.

  15. Andrew Brennan

    This company, I bet, hasn’t refused any work from the organisation responsible for widespread physical & sexual abuse of children, the incarceration of pregnant women & girls, the selling & export of Irish babies to America, the facilitation of abusers and the cover-up of abuse ….

  16. TransOpTrans

    Another tiresome and deliberate stunt by the usual same-sex marriage suspects. They deliberately picked this print vendor based on information about the beliefs held there. How much business have they given to Beulah prior to this. Ever?

  17. TransOpTrans

    “Won’t bake our cakes; won’t print our invitations; Spar Baggot Street…”

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favour of same-sex marriage. Especially as it will keep at least two other people out of the misery of their company.

  18. Ppads

    Lets apply some common sense. If you are a SSM couple who would like a vegan main course at your reception then you won’t be trotting off to the local butcher to get offended. Why is this any different?

    1. Kieran NYC

      Because a butcher isn’t in the veggie business.

      A printer is in the printing business. Therefore he should print. If they want to be in the god business, they can open a church.

      1. Stewart Curry

        “Though an angel should write, still ’tis devils must print”

        — Thomas Moore

        1. Ppads

          Seriously, if you met him or her, the one you can’t stop smiling at, would you be protesting outside a shop because they wouldn’t bake a cake, or in this case print? My point is that this bullshit does SSM no favours because no one likes a bully.
          Just let them be.

  19. Kieran NYC

    Heartening to see most FB comments supportive of the guys getting married.

    Here’s hope they all vote.

    1. Mr A.T. Ist

      Nobody’s denying them the right to stand up for their beliefs.

      As far as I can see, he’s guilty of an offense under the ESA, 2000

      How dare they choose by which law to abide. They were happy enough to take his business for four years.
      Also, having a belief doesn’t entitle someone to humiliate someone in public. Didn’t he shout his existing customer down in his own place of work?

      But it’s ok. He knows what god wants.

      How very christian……

  20. Wearnicehats

    Outraged person is outraged.

    Personally I think all forms of marriage should be banned. We’d all be a lot happier

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