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Ted writes:

“There seems to be only 3 lonely seats left at the Aviva Lansdowne Road Nua for the EURO 2016 qualifier against Poland on March 29…Full price of course.”


Uefa Euro 2016 (Ticketmaster)

Meanwhile, in rugby…



Anon writes:

Mad shocked at the price differences for 6 Nations tickets…


6 thoughts on “How Many Left?

  1. Vincent Kompany

    Snap them up quick before the Polish brigade turn it into another home game like the last two friendlies against them in Croker/ Aviva

    1. Bingo

      They created a great atmosphere at the last game at the Aviva.
      Usually zero buzz at the games.

  2. Talismania!

    I like the price differrence between the two individual Italian matches, and the last item on the list, the package to both. I could either buy two individual tickets for 35 euro, or buy the package for 400% more? I hope that package comes with a little Italian flag and some refreshment coupons . . .

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