Need Some ‘Therapy?’?



Therapy? – Still Hurts

A ferocious Friday send off from Northern Ireland’s ‘alt metal ‘veterans.

Buzz writes:

I think you just might actually LOVE this. It’s off Disquiet their 14TH studio album, setting a new record for ANY Irish Rock/Pop Band) I think your readers find that it’s probably one of their most accessible albums in years, and this single certainly could sit easily with any rock tunes troubling our airwaves today.


Therapy? (Facebook)


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16 thoughts on “Need Some ‘Therapy?’?

  1. ceo

    Remember Feile ’92, my 1st festival. Therapy? t-shirts everywhere, I was intrigued but missed their early slot. At ’93 I was right up front.

  2. Ppads

    I’m looking forward to their next album. My sources tell me that it will be all on a 4*4 120 beat?

  3. Mindlessd

    I listen to BabyTeeth every week (when I’m running) and it is still magnificent. Download it now. One of the best Irish records ever.

    This was good. Not the same, but still enjoyable.

  4. JD

    Did a few lines of toote with them on their tour bus in Edinburgh, outside the liquid rooms, October 1998. Good memories

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