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Psychotherapist Jason Brennan

A shrink.

On your computer…

Stacey Connolly writes:

videoDoc, Ireland’s leading online doctor service is launching an online therapy service on their platform.

The programme has been developed as a response to the significant numbers of patients, particularly young men in rural areas, accessing the videoDoc service seeking help with mental health related concerns.

The online therapy service will be overseen by Jason Brennan, a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor with over 20 years of experience.

Jason is well known in Ireland having co-authored, with Brent Pope, a best selling book featuring strategies to cope with various mental health issues at home, at work and in sport.

In fairness.

Online session, Jason Brennan (videoDoc)


The boys in black are back.

Therapy? return with a six-date run around Ireland in April, their most extensive bout of home touring in years, extending their European acoustic jag, previewed in the video above, accompanied by a snippet of live tearjerker Gone, newly re-recorded as part of an acoustic album available exclusively on these dates.

The band released album #14 last year, setting a record for Irish acts, and aside from a busy year of touring, turn their attention to platter number fifteen later this year.

Tickets available here. Cork and Dundalk on sale now, the rest going out Thursday.


Following on from reminiscing over the anniversary of their first full-length album Nurse last week, we find HD footage of Northern power-trio Therapy? from their last tour, a full gig aboard the A38, a ship-turned-cultural centre moored in Budapest, Hungary.

That they’re still this energetic and tight after all this time is of no surprise at all to longtime fans, but Troublegum-era listeners might want to take a second look.

The A38 on Youtube



We’re a day or two late for this, but yes, happy 24th birthday to Therapy?’s Nurse, one of the classics of the contemporary Irish music canon. It saw EU release on October 17th, ’92.

Producing singles Teethgrinder and Nausea, the album’s success set the stage for follow-up Troublegum to sell 750,000 copies two years later, and saw them depart from a barebones noise/punk squall for a more industrial direction.

They’re still at it.





Therapy? – Still Hurts

A ferocious Friday send off from Northern Ireland’s ‘alt metal ‘veterans.

Buzz writes:

I think you just might actually LOVE this. It’s off Disquiet their 14TH studio album, setting a new record for ANY Irish Rock/Pop Band) I think your readers find that it’s probably one of their most accessible albums in years, and this single certainly could sit easily with any rock tunes troubling our airwaves today.


Therapy? (Facebook)