12 thoughts on “Squint

  1. Kate o Sullivan

    Pathetic attempt for publicity. This has nothing to do with a 3 year old story. Pull your socks up BS and stop trolling us with this tripe.

    1. Tony

      I think the joke Liam Zero os making is that the word Clint, obscured on the cover by the gun looks a bit like another word. If you squint.

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      The man equivalent of woman who buy those awful lady magazines. Both as stupid as each other.

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        Adam and Joe used to call them LadyBrainRotters. Grazia and rubbish like that.

  2. Mr Powers

    McLaren is not spelt ‘McClaren’……the difference is one is a super car manufacturer and Formula One team, the other produces children’s pushchairs and buggies. Speed difference would be fatal.

  3. Mick Flavin

    Irish Tater Man: The magazine for men who know what they want…Spuds.

    -Eye of the Beholder: Ten Best Craft Spuds on the Market
    -Me and my Potato: Fassbender’s relationship with the Maris Piper
    -Pinks to make the girls wink: Kerr’s Pinks make triumphant return to the catwalk.

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