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Janet Jackson Superbowl controversy?

Glamour Pam  (right) as she was shown on the BBC Africa documentary Fake Me: Living For Likes


But the BBC Africa documentary, which looked at how people portray themselves differently on social media, was edited because of concerns about adverse reaction in some of the more conservative African countries where it was shown, prompting a debate at the BBC about whether the corporation should be censoring women’s bodies.

“The decision to deal with Pam’s cleavage was made at senior editorial level at BBC Africa,” said one internal email discussing the incident and justifying the decision.

BBC in row over blurring cleavage of interviewee in Kenya (The Guardian)

Biddy Bitcoin writes:

This is surreal. Shambolic censorship of a woman’s body. Why?

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This afternoon.

At the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin

Tourist Natalia Puchalska viewing the stain glass window entitled Scandalous by artist Harry Clarke acquired by Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane and featuring an exposed breast.

The work depicts a scene from Liam O’ Flaherty‘s novel ‘Mr Gilhooley’ – created for the Geneva Window of the League of Nations building in Geneva but deemed too risque by the Government of the day (1920s).


Earlier: A Limerick A Day

(Photocall Ireland)



The stain glass window’s accompanying ‘scandalous’ text.


Thanks John Gallen

tumblr_muo92uvS0F1sx8u1ro1_1280Joseph Aivalikli writes:

While browsing through old editions of the Dublin Gazette looking for laws to repeal as part of the Statute Law Revision Project, we stumbled upon this tissue of double entendres published by order of the King in 1773. I’m guessing the author was an intrepid Trinity geography student – or just someone who really, really liked boobs. Or both.

Full transcript for the blurry-eyed after the jump.

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