Win A Chocolate Bressie Pressie


Picture 1300 MESNO FEE 362 Bressie for Lindt Temple Street copy[2]

 Choc throb Bressie at Temple Street Children’s Hospital. Our bunny (below) is bigger

The Lindt Gold Bunny is back.

It can mean only one thing.

But first.

Joanne writes:

2015 marks the 8th year of the Lindt Make Easter Sweet for Temple Street fundraising campaign Over the past eight years the campaign has sold thousands of 10g Lindt Gold Bunnies and Lindt Hunt Packs, with every cent from every sale going to Temple Street Children’s Hospital {Dublin].

The €300,000 raised to date has been spent on equipment from incubators to microscopes..

This year’s campaign helped by Bressie will focus on purchasing vital Mobile Ventilators for the critical care wards within the hospital. The fundraising activity kicks off with the Gold Bunny Roadshow which will hop into three shopping centres over the next three weekends [details at links below].

And to mark the launch it we’d like to give a Broadsheet reader a 1kg Lindt chocolate bunny. To enter, just complete this sentence:

‘My most memorable Easter chocolate experience was___________________’

Lines MUST close at 5.15pm 6.45pm

Lindt Gold Bunny

Lindt Gold Bunny (Facebook)

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39 thoughts on “Win A Chocolate Bressie Pressie

  1. Tommy T

    My most memorable Easter chocolate experience was convincing my auld lass that I no longer (at that time) hated chocolate by pretending to eat several Easter eggs. I was, in fact, feeding them to the cat.

  2. fluffybiscuits

    this bloke went up on a cross, buried in a cave, came back as a zombie and he was his own Da and now apparently we all get chocolate eggs as a result….Mad craic altogether

  3. Mikeyfex

    My most memorable Easter chocolate experience was travelling in the back seat of the car with my brother to visit cousins on school holidays and accidentally taking a bite out of the green crayon in my right hand instead of the milk chocolate in my left hand. Coupled with the sh!t poor colouring in job of the rabbit, Mam was pretty disappointed in her middle son that day.

    Her crayon eating son could make amends with this though.

  4. Lu

    My most memorable Easter chocolate experience was feeding my baby nephew his first ever chocolate (Lindt bunny of course) only to have him refuse a second bite with disgust. We managed to get it in to him by covering it in natural yoghurt and I’ve been reliably informed that he would have no problem taking care of all 1kg these days.

  5. bisted

    ‘My most memorable Easter chocolate experience w̶a̶s̶ will be when I get my 1kg Lindt bunny’.

  6. Fredtheninja

    My most memorable Easter chocolate experience is the time my dear old nan arrived at my house on Easter Saturday with my promised Easter egg. And it was horrible; one of those really thin, really cheap non brand ones that could be picked up in the early 90’s for £1.50, with syrupy jellies inside.

    Easter Sunday morning I placed the egg on the kitchen table and proceeded to open the egg with a head butt in an effort to impress my visiting cousins. I misjudged the positioning of the egg, and the strength of the plastic wrapping as the egg slid off my forehead and my teeth cracked off the corner of our table, loosening them to such a degree that my eggs were eaten out of the corner of my mouth for two days.

    True story. Would love a 1kg Lindt choc Bunny. Really would.

  7. Andi

    My most memorable Easter chocolate experience was when my Dad got a job in a chocolate factory and brought home a car boot full of Easter eggs. We made a pyramid up to the ceiling there was so many. I invited all my friends over and we made a serious dent in it – sore bellies that Easter :)

  8. listrade

    …the time I replaced 3 of my sister’s cadbury mini eggs with 3 blackbird eggs and she discovered on biting into the first one that there was a pretty mature embryo inside.

  9. Fiona O'Donovan

    My most memorable Easter chocolate experience was coming home from Easter Mass as kids to find our dog dragging her belly across the floor having eaten all 18 Easter eggs that were lined up in the kitchen. I’ve never recovered from the loss…

  10. schweddy

    My most memorable Easter chocolate experience was winning a massive chocolate egg and bunny hamper in a raffle in secondary school. I unwrapped it on Easter Sunday and I put the massive egg on the ground in the kitchen. Then, using one of my favourite wrestling maneuvers, took a run at it and performed an elbow drop.. It smashed into pieces and I doled it out to the family.

  11. Joe the Lion

    ‘My most memorable Easter chocolate experience was when the missus poured some melted toblerone over my …. and tried to egg me on’

  12. Murtles

    My most memorable Easter chocolate experience was coming home a little worse for wear after a great night out on an Easter Saturday. My girlfriend was at another function had got home before me and was in bed asleep. I thought it would be a good idea to bring some Creme Eggs into the bed with me as wouldn’t it be so romantic to have her wake up with a Creme Egg on her pillow on Easter Sunday. I was awakened that morning with a blood curdling scream and all sorts of obsenities being thrown at me. Whatever strange gravitational shifts happened during the night the Eggs had rolled underneath me and the foil had come away. The melted chocolate and creamy goo led my girlfriend to believe I had soiled the bed in all sorts of ways during the night. Scooping up some on my finger and tasting it didn’t help matters at all at all. As I am no longer allowed Creme Eggs, maybe a Lindt Bunny might reignite passions.

  13. stephen

    My most memorable Easter chocolate experience was when as kids we used to open up the packaging of the eggs and break off bits of chocolate from the back so it still looked whole but we got some yummy chocolate. Eggcept, hehe, one of my brothers got greedy and went robbing chocolate of my mums egg, which of course she discovered.

    However we then somehow managed to convince her it must have come like that from the shop, maybe they had mice in their store room. So she brought back the egg and demanded a replacement, which the shop amazing obliged her on, probably given it was now after easter and the eggs were all on sale.

  14. EM

    My most memorable Easter chocolate experience was when I was about six. As my birthday fell the day before, I’d amassed a huge amount of Easter eggs which I’d piled up in a precarious pyramid in the front room. Rushing home from Mass to start feasting, I found nothing but empty wrappers everywhere and a very guilty, very sick dog with a belly reaching the floor. She was rushed to the vet and was violently ill for about three days. I was still jealous she got to eat all that chocolate…

  15. Frilly Keane

    My most memorable Easter Chocolate experience was when the dog, yep that effin dog, got at the egg stash for the nieces nephews etc. (Which, BTW, was in an old nursery/ kiddie wardrobe in the spare room)

    In a snot over being left at home on her own she helped herself to a Mars bar one. Got home and found most of the wrappers and packaging waiting inside the door, with the vomit of one egg and one mars bar on the wee wee mat.

    Bold Girl rules for the rest of the day and night, meanwhile I tore the place asunder looking for the last Mars Bar hidey hole with no luck.

    Got up the next morning to find the Mars Bar, fully intact, wrapper n’all, sitting on the naughty step.

    On the life of that effin dog, every single focal of this story is true.

  16. Drogg

    My most memorable Easter chocolate memory is a recent one. I was in the dog house with my wife cause I was working all Easter weekend so to try and save myself I hid a rather sizeable Easter egg under my bed and was going to ring my wife from work and let her know it was there. So in work early the next morn I get a call from my wife in a panic the dogs had indulged themselves on the chocolate egg I had hidden. So not only was I the a****le that worked all Easter but I almost killed the dogs with an egg also. So a 1kg egg would go a long way to making up for that bad Easter and I promise no dogs will consume it.

  17. EM

    Now my most memorable Easter chocolate experience is entering a competition to win a giant Lindt bunny and finding my sister has gotten in there first and stolen my story. I have to win so I can eat it in front of her and not give her a bite.

  18. pmc

    My most memorable Easter chocolate experience was when I was seven and I only got one easter egg that year. When I was eating it my uncle pointed over to the corner and said “Look, what’s that?!”. I was super gullible, even for a seven year old so I looked around immediately. He grabbed most of the easter egg and stuffed his face with it, leaving only a shard of chocolatey goodness in my hot little hand. I genuinely never got over it psychologically and had to tell my shrink about the incident last year.


  19. Iseult

    My most memorable Easter chocolate experience was about 5 years back when my glutton of a terrier devoured a huge Black Magic egg I had hidden up high – turns out she’s a decent climber. I emerged from my baby’s room wondering why the house reeked of chocolate to see many piles of chocolaty puke dotted around the house. Dog hyperventilating like feck and her heart nearly coming out of her chest. 2 days in the vets following an emergency run & drip installed, the vet lectures me from on high about letting the dog chew stuff she shouldn’t. That night Spider chewed through her IV and various bits of medical equipment. Vet agrees she’s a bitch.

  20. Irish Lass

    My most memorable Easter chocolate experience went like this:
    Then 4 year old daghter Abbie- “Oh look Mommy! A Chocolate Bunny!”
    Me: “Wow! The Easter Bunny must have left it for you to find!”
    Her: “LETS SMASH HIS FACE!!!” (pounds the almighty sh!te out of it)

    If I won this bunny I would have to reenact the whole scene with the now 15 year old Abbie. As it stands its the only Easter memory she has as a child!!


  21. Judith Whelan

    An adult themed Easter egg hunt a few years ago where there were some adult ‘toys’ hidden amoungst the chocolate in a friends garden

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