21 thoughts on “You Can’t ‘Miss’ It

  1. forshiz

    Love Panti, think he is great. But that bar…. you can roll poo in glitter but it’s still poo.

    1. Soundings

      Hmm, flamboyant gay person anguishes over decision “will I put up a sign or hide my light under a bushel”

  2. rotide

    Dublin Pub Aquires New Signage.

    The Journal are probably furious they’ve been scooped like this

  3. donkey_kong

    wow!!!! pub gets new sign, poo hot news
    oh sorry – i forgot it’s a gay bar.
    Gay bars are newsworthy…and cool.

    1. toto

      Agree, its like the Indo telling us what Kathryn Thomas’ mother is up to, or what shoes Amy Hooberman is wearing..

      tabloid rubbish…except its gay…how cutting edge and totes cool

      Who gives a toss.

  4. Joe835

    It looks like one of the signs from the opening titles of The Saturday Night Show; what is it about that show that has Panti wanting to immortalise it?

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