This morning.

Gavin writes:

Do you have a P**** in Porsche section?! I could be wrong, and maybe they should be parked in the last available disabled spot in the car park… But no sticker or pass in windows. What a complete arse! Spotted at Avoca N7 [Rathcoole, Co Wicklow Kildare, Tyrone, Leitrim Dublin].

43 thoughts on “Call 911

    1. jonjo

      Thats not the first time ive seen someone on this site refer to it as wicklow…. Its a good bit fom wickla… and on the road to kildare.

  1. Micko

    As long as the fine for parking in a disabled spot is only €80, people will continue to park in them

  2. Anne

    Did ya go peering all around the car to find the sticker? If the owner came back and found you near their car, you might have an altercation on your hands.
    Get a life and mind your own beeswax, before you get a thump from someone.
    Hate busybodies on the road.

        1. Anne

          Yeah.. 999 works too I think.. Hang on lemme call um and say just testin’ for Broadsheet. lol

          911.. sheesh.

      1. Drogg

        The car is a porsche 911 so the fact that it works with call 9,1,1 is just a play on words that doesn’t work with 999.

          1. Owen

            Anne, 911, 999 and 112 all work in Ireland as Emergence numbers. Just so you know. I’d hate to think that at some point you are in a panic trying not to think of the title of this post while he/she/it chases you with a knife/gun/water bill.

            Now you know.

      1. Anne

        No, I’m very good me.

        That advice I gave above.. you wouldn’t get that anywhere.
        That might save your man a thump sometime.

  3. 15 cents

    was guna write something, but think im guna stop doin it, coz 80% of broadsheet commenters are bottomholes and im wasting my time.

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