The Krakow Will Be Mighty



A late papal-flavoured poster for the next Euro 2016 football match against Poland.

Ciaran writes:

The latest in an ongoing Matchday Poster series by [sports website] Póg Mo Goal  for Ireland’s Euro 2016 qualification campaign. The latest poster is  by Dublin Based Design studio New Graphic. Previous efforts Vs Scotland; Vs Germany; Vs Gibraltar;  Vs Georgia

Póg Mo Goal 

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8 thoughts on “The Krakow Will Be Mighty

  1. everybody

    Oh god another crop of design graduates that think ‘design’ can change the world and think they will achieve this by copying olde swiss design…. Zero creativity here, move along folks.

  2. Someone

    What he actually said that day was:
    “Young people of Ireland, I love you.
    And yo bitches be baby makin machines, word”

    Seriously, I was there, I couldn’t believe it.

  3. Kieran NYC

    Should have gone for era-appropriate FAI/Polish logos.

    But other than that – nice one!

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