When Good Neighbours Become Good Friends



This morning.

At the Grangegorman squat.

Brian Flanagan writes:

The 6th class pupils from the school [Dublin 7 Educate Together National School] beside Squatgorman say ‘Save our Squatters….

G’wan the Educate Together.


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22 thoughts on “When Good Neighbours Become Good Friends

  1. HappyDub

    6th class was great. When you were King of the yard, and the learning was easy. Then the politics and bullshit of secondary school, when all your hopes and dreams are crushed like a dying bee on the path.

    Good times.

  2. Kieran

    Well done Mick Flavin, this is the best of the clickbait posts that never were to date.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. rotide

    You know the way you cry actual tears when iona and the pro lifers use children to garner support for an issue the kids have no real understanding or opinion on?


    1. Vote Rep #1

      Well that is totally different for reasons I can’t really get into right now. But believe me, it is totally different.

      1. Vote Rep #1

        Understand which exactly – the abortion debate or the ownership rights vs squatters rights?

    2. d4n

      The difference being, there’s no reason to assume that these kids don’t understand the issues, or that they don’t care about them. There’s been quite a lot of support for the squatters locally, their taking over of the building has had a positive impact on the area.
      Anti-abortion people take their position based on dogmatism, ignorance and arrogance, or because it’s politically astute for them to do so.

  4. pen is mightier

    i don’t see why yous are all commenting here. go down to the school and tell them directly why it’s so important to evict the squatters

    1. Jones

      I’d call it more ‘turfing out’ than eviction. To be evicted you must surely have ownership/a lease over the place first

    1. Sinabhfuil

      Overheard/eavesdropped on a couple of neighbours of the squatters talking about this the other day in Capel Street. The person who knew them said most of them go out to work; they’ve cleaned the place up, made a garden, and are extremely good neighbours, helping local old people, etc.

      1. Rob

        That’s weird I overheard some of the squatters talking the other day and they were just saying what a gullible lot the Oirish were and the cameras were on the way so they had better get rid of all the mess in their wonderful utopia. Oh and they were also complaining about the homeless people blocking the entrance in the evening and how hard it was stepping over them, especially after a few pints!

      2. Rob_G

        That was nice of them, but I don’t think being nice entitles them to live in someone else’s property for free for the rest of their natural lives.

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