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ClearHaze revisits the recently reoccupied Grangegorman Squat. To wit:

…a social and cultural experiment highlighting the housing crisis. Shortly after that visit all of the residents were forced to leave. After almost a year a core group have returned to the site so we went and talked with them about their plans for the squat. 

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A meeting between the Grangegorman squatters and their neighbours.

Seán Fitzpatrick writes:

A conference with the residents of Grangegorman squat and their neighbors. It shows solidarity between the members of community, and the squatters. The space is foundation of culture, charity, and science and should not be dismissed by the authorities.

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See How Their Garden Grows

Meanwhile, In Grangegorman


Inside the Grangegorman squat last September.

Empty grey car park turned enchanting botanical courtyard.


William Hederman writes:

Raised beds that are part of the community garden at the squatted complex in Grangegorman, Dublin 7, photographed in September 2014. Local families have worked at the community garden, and some of them came out on Monday to show their support during the attempted eviction.

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90374395Rosie (above left) and Jason (with crutch) outside the Grangegorman squat

This afternoon.

Mark writes:

Rosie and Jason (they didn’t wish to give last names) outside the ‘squatters’ complex in Grangegorman in Dublin where the attempted eviction by security personal took place last night. Some reports stated that  security were using anything from golf clubs to hurleys. Jason is walking with a crutch after being struck on the shin with a metal pipe.

About 30 people are squatting on the site. Behind the houses is a large communal space which is used by all of the neighbors, not just the residents, for growing food, playing games, watching movies, exchanging clothes and books and a general meeting space. Before people moved into the location the area was used as an illegal dump, filled with glass and concrete.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)