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Thanks Nick Sutton (UK covers); Tanya O’Neill (The Westmeath Examiner and The Connaught Telegraph); Paul Murphy (The Irish Sun); Garrett Rowe (The Irish Times); Pamela McCarthy (The Irish Examiner); Colm Heaney (The Irish Daily Mirror); Geoff McGrath (The Irish Daily Mail)

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11 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. Soundings

    There seems to be serious questions over the competence of the State and Gardai’s solicitors and barristers in the Bailey case. Why did they wait until Day 60 of the 64 day trial to apply to the Judge to have most of Ian Bailey’s claims thrown out because they were statute-barred? No plausible answer so far. Would have saved the taxpayer hundreds of thousands.

    Separately, I hope whistleblower Maurice McCabe finds career satisfaction as head of the traffic unit. Richly deserved promotion for a good man.

    1. Jackdaw

      That’s a fair amount of inaccuracies in two paragraphs
      1. Bailey brought the case not the State. He could have settled long before it commenced. The taxpayer will not be forking out for his greed.
      2. McCabes appointment is most certainly not a promotion. He is still a Sergeant. I wish him well though.

      1. Soundings

        1. Who do you think will be footing the legal bill for the case, variously estimated today at between €2-5m? Despite the Louis Copeland bravura yesterday, I don’t think Ian Bailey is a rich man. That legal bill is likely to be footed by you and me.

        2. Mick Clifford does indeed say that “technically” it’s not a promotion, Sargeant McCabe remains a sergeant. Practically though, he’s now in charge of managing the traffic unit in Mullingar. Contrast that with what he’s being doing for the past two years, where until last summer, he was denied access to Pulse, and was working in the traffic corps rather than managing it.

  2. Frilly Keane

    Westmeath ‘Xaminer is getting in on the Bandon Butcher action I see

    There’ll be feicin tours next

  3. martco

    can confidently predict that our glorious leader/imbecile will sail into the sunset on his junket just like Bertie does
    nothing to see here etc.

  4. Custo

    Ian Bailey looks like a soap opera villain.

    I’d say he’s a fan of leather driving gloves, and drinks whiskey neat in his office from a cut glass tumbler.

    1. Buzz

      I read in the Indo that he has since qualified as a lawyer. Yet he is a straw man with no assets who will not be able to pay a legal bill of millions. I often wonder how people can afford to embark on new careers such as his. Presumably he studied law at UCC for three or four years followed by a stint in Blackhall Place or the Kings Inn to qualify as a solicitor or barrister. ( Or maybe the Indo thinks getting a law degree means you’re a qualified lawyer). That’s an expensive education. How did he manage it?

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