9 thoughts on “1916 Plugged

    1. Wayne.F

      Nope it’s about a whole host of political parties, trying to claim they are the descendants of those that were involved in the events, of Easter 1916. Then trying to leverage that into votes at the general election that will follow soon after

      1. jeremy kyle

        The amount of outrage yesterday that various politicians were trying to drum up yesterday after Enda Kenny supposedly said he was going to rewrite the Proclamation of Independence was ridiculous.

        Of course he was just referring to a project for schools, but that didn’t stop everyone from flipping the lid and roaring “over my dead body” etc.

        And that’s why I don’t venture over to the Journal much…

        1. Joe the Lion

          I wish Pearse would come back from the dead and enlist Dwyer to put them all to the sword

        2. Stumpy

          I visited the Journal once…….left after five minutes with a strong urge to self-harm.

  1. Eamonn Clancy

    Where’s the anti west Brit earplugs? God knows we’ll be needing a trxk load of them soon enough.

  2. Murtles

    The celebrations will just not be the same without the Queen there, God bless her.

    *runs for popcorn

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