He Works Mainly In Oils


flately204-29_2Michael Flatley (top) and (above) ‘The Power’ (€70,000 – €90,000)

But this is acrylic.

Let your feet do the painting.

Otis Blue writes:

Hoof-hearted? Dancing Barefoot? Never mind the Pollocks? Michael Flatley’s “unique” art on sale now. Not cheap mind….

Michael Flatley – Morgan O’Driscoll Auctioneers

30 thoughts on “He Works Mainly In Oils

  1. Bort

    How did the Lord of the dance manage to maintain the body of an IT worker who plays a bit of 5 a side once a week?

    1. Domestos

      Is his head out of proportion to his body?! Or are his arms really short? This pic hurts on so many levels.

  2. Benz

    Oh sweet Jeebus

    Michael Ryan Flatley was born in the United States in 1958 to immigrant Irish parents Michael and Eilish. He grew up in Chicago in a family full of champions in dance, music and boxing. Flatley enjoyed early successes in all three fields, winning a Chicago Golden Gloves boxing title and an All-Ireland Flute Championship and becoming the first American to win the World Irish Dancing Championships.

    His achievements have been recognised all over the world. He has received countless awards for his contribution to the entertainment industry and the promotion and enrichment of Ireland and Irish dance and music.

    Flatley has spent many years perfecting his art; the seemingly incalculable taps making contact with the surface each have a definite purpose in the overall effect and is thus translated as the paint reveals a complex fusion of colours that could not be achieved in any other form. He is the only person to ever create paintings by dancing on canvas. He paints as he is inspired and has created many works at his home in Castlehyde, Ireland. The dancing light of the sun and moon on the Blackwater River is a constant source of inspiration and the serenity of the environment allow him to hear his inner thoughts. He has a deep interest in the imprisonment of the human soul, the afterlife and the doorway to the parallel universe. It is only recently that he has revealed his works to the public after years of creating. Flatley’s approach to his works of art is commensurate with his approach to the art form he is more commonly identified with. His passion for terpsichorean dance is something he has previously said comes from his soul. He doesn’t dance because he has to; he dances because he needs to. In exploring movement and percussion he has sought to leave a lasting imprint of his inner self, hitherto invisible to the naked eye. The dance is over in an instant but the message from the dance is in the painting forever. The speed and precision that footwork can achieve makes his innovative method distinctive and the resulting image is a visceral imprint direct from the inner mind.

    In describing “The Power” Flatley states; ‘This painting represents the positive power of the Universe. A power that is ever changing but never loses its strength and never loses its purpose. The metallic gold and silver represent elements of the atomic nucleus. The bronze is the cohesive attraction of energies as they merge in free form’.

    Flatley’s first art exhibition ‘Art of the Dance’ shall take place in London in June 2015.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      “He is the only person to ever create paintings by dancing on canvas”

      He is not.
      I’ve done, I’ve seen it done in movies, I’ve seen kids do it.

      But no one would be dumb enough to pay money like that for any of it. He may have many achievements, but come on, this is an ego boosting exercise and a man just capitalising on his fame.

      I say leave him off, but jaysus don’t paint the fupper gold and deify him ffs :0)
      This is nothing new.

  3. Garsehole

    Wow. Just wow.

    Now I’m no expert but I can see in the piece the years of careful study of the craft & tradition of painting, the evident progression and development of the artist’s visual aesthetic, and the auctioneer’s refreshing lack of cynicism in presenting this work.

    1. Otis Blue

      With a buyers premium of 20% and possibly a sellers premium also, I can understand a lack of cynicism on his part.

      1. Garsehole

        He must now submit work to the RHA, or RUA, or another peer-reviewed open submission exhibition. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that

        1. Parky Mark

          The RHA Annual regularly has clangers on display so he could only be precluded by snobbery.

  4. italia'90

    Is this the result of “Dancers Diarrhoea”, like the time Paula Radcliffe
    had “Runners diarrhoea” except, Michael being Michael, thinks that everyone
    wants to buy his shite?

  5. edalicious

    I often ask myself about questionable art, “Would I hang this on my wall?” and, on reflection, I think I actually would.

  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    It’s not art if you haven’t visualised it in your noggin. Glorified finger-painting is all it is.

    1. Parky Mark

      Yeah you could. And I guarantee Michael Flatley couldn’t reproduce two near identical paintings like this.

  7. Mr. T.

    Oh dope Jeebus

    Mike Ryan Flatley started doin thangs up in tha United Hoodz up in 1958 ta immigrant Irish muthafathas Mike n’ Eilish yo. Dude grew up in Chicago up in a cold-ass lil crew full of champions up in dance, noize n’ boxing. Flatley enjoyed early successes up in all three fields, ballin a Chicago Golden Gloves boxin title n’ a All-Ireland Flute Championshizzle n’ becomin tha straight-up original gangsta Gangsta ta win tha Ghetto Irish Steppin Championships.

    His achievements done been recognised all over tha ghetto. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Dude has received countless awardz fo’ his contribution ta tha entertainment industry n’ tha promotion n’ enrichment of Ireland n’ Irish dizzle n’ music.

    Flatley has dropped nuff muthafuckin years perfectin his thugged-out art; tha seemingly incalculable taps makin contact wit tha surface each gotz a thugged-out definite purpose up in tha overall effect n’ is thus translated as tha paint reveals a cold-ass lil complex fusion of colours dat could not be bigged up up in any other form yo. Dude is tha only thug ta eva create paintings by ridin’ dirty on canvas yo. Dude paints as he is inspired n’ has pimped nuff works at his home up in Castlehyde, Ireland. Y’all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Da ridin’ dirty light of tha sun n’ moon on tha Blackwata River be a cold-ass lil constant source of inspiration n’ tha serenitizzle of tha environment allow his ass ta hear his crazy-ass muthafuckin inner thoughts yo. Dude has a thugged-out deep interest up in tha imprisonment of tha human soul, tha afterlife n’ tha doorway ta tha parallel universe. Well shiiiit, it is only recently dat dat schmoooove muthafucka has revealed his works ta tha hood afta muthafuckin yearz of bustin. Flatley’s approach ta his workz of art is commensurate wit his thugged-out approach ta tha art form he is mo’ commonly identified wit yo. His boner fo’ terpsichorean dizzle is suttin’ dat schmoooove muthafucka has previously holla’d be reppin his thugged-out ass yo. Dude don’t dizzle cuz dat schmoooove muthafucka has to; da ruffneck dances cuz he needz to. In explorin movement n’ percussion dat schmoooove muthafucka has sought ta leave a lastin imprint of his crazy-ass muthafuckin inner self, hitherto invisible ta tha naked eye. Da dizzle is over up in a instant but tha message from tha dizzle is up in tha paintin forever n’ shit. Da speed n’ precision dat footwork can big up make his crazy-ass muthafuckin innovatizzle method distinctizzle n’ tha resultin image be a visceral imprint direct from tha inner mind.

    In describin “Da Power” Flatley states; ‘This paintin represents tha positizzle juice of tha Universe fo’ realz. A juice dat is eva changin but never loses its strength n’ never loses its purpose. Da metallic gold n’ silver represent elementz of tha atomic nucleus. Da bronze is tha cohesive attraction of energies as they merge up in free form’.

    Flatley’s first art exhibizzle ‘Art of tha Dance’ shall take place up in London up in June 2015.

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