23 thoughts on “Free Thursday Evening?

    1. Gav D

      Know what you mean. You could write the script for this debate yourself; No one speaking or in the audience will be likely to change their views either way. Pure echo chamber stuff.

  1. Jonotti

    Katherine Zappone, the woman who was with Joan Burton when she got trapped in her car. Katherine’s an idiot. Ronan needs to get laid.

    1. ahjayzis

      She was with her because she and her partner Anne-Louise founded An Cosain – the adult learning college in one of the most deprived parts of the country – it was graduation day, so of course she’d be there whether Joan was visiting or not.

      Kindly tell us how this makes her an idiot and you someone in any way qualified to judge her as such?

      1. Jonotti

        Did you hear what Katherine Zappone said about the Water Protesters? They were ‘the mob’, ‘undemocratic’ etc. Ironic considering Senator Zappone has never won a democratic election in her life.

        1. ahjayzis

          I think she was referring specifically to the Water Protestors (we’re capitalising now?) who she said kicked her and others around her, and that’s fair enough, no? I’d have said worse. She’s spoken out more generally in favour of protests against IW.

          She’s never stood for democratic election so no loss there, and she’s still done a lot of good, more than most politicians. And still not seeing how she qualifies as an idiot…

          1. Jonotti

            She’s an idiot in that the only person Zappone ever thinks highly of, is Zappone. Her Senate record is awful, she’s voted for a lot of the austerity measures. She lectures people on democracy, yet wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell if she ran for a democratic election. She’s an appointed Senator who won’t rock the boat or take any brave decisions. She’s great friends with Joan Burton.

    2. Dubloony

      Setting up an adult college for second chance education is not the work of an idiot.

      1. Jonotti

        She didn’t do that. Her partner did. Zappone is just another appointed Senator milking the taxpayer for her salary. I know a lot of water protesters will be looking forward to going to this event.

        1. rotide

          Because this event has everything to do with water charges.

          So in other words, you know a lot of fanatical idiots with nothing to do except disrupt something unrelated.

          Good lad.

          1. Jonotti

            It does. Zappone refused to apologise for her disgusting remarks re. the water protesters. We’ll be making sure she does on Thursday.

          2. ahjayzis

            She said they were menacing – if she felt menaced, and from hearing her it sounds like she did – then she has every right to say it.

          3. Rep

            Poor Zappone. Was she menanced? Poor thing. Wonder does she think people have been menanced by the austerity measures she voted for. Does she think those who can’t pay the water charges will be menanced by extortionate Irish Water bill. Zappone is a lapdog of government.

  2. Grace

    Keith Mills – isn’t he the gay guy who will be off at Eurovison and so won’t be voting anyway?? Yes, I think we should listen very carefully as to what he has to say.

  3. Jordofthejungle

    A tad imbalanced. While Keith Mills is merely lightweight window-dressing, Ronan Mullen is an able, determined and perhaps slippery debater. Would be better to have someone who can match Mullen, preferably with a legal background.

    1. ahjayzis

      Slippery and determined, yes, but he’s not able. He hasn’t the courage to actually come out with his actual convictions, so he hides in slipperiness and constantly shifting arguments that in reality have nothing to do with the issue being discussed. He’s a poisonous troll and I’m delighted he’s so prominent in the Return Ireland To 1948 Movement.

      1. Jordofthejungle

        Did you just say “he hasn’t actually the courage to come out”?! Oh no you di’nt! I jest of course…

        1. ahjayzis

          I actually ran into him outside the Olympia on my way to the George one night, asked him would I be seeing him later, he guffawed and shook my hand. I didn’t see him.
          Guess he went straight to the Boilerhouse.

          1. Jordofthejungle

            Now, now, I have it on good authority that Bishop Kevin Doran was up in Dublin that night for a lads night with Senator Ronan. There is a lot to discuss…

  4. bob

    If anyone goes, can you count how many times Mullen mentions “a mother and a father”… it seems to be the stock rebuttal for the entire no campaign (Mullen, Mills, Iona, a few priests… anyone else? They’ll be well rehearsed by the time the vote happens anyway!)

  5. mike

    Whats yer man from Iona – Quinn, he hasn’t appeared in a single debate. So invisible I have forgotten his first name.

    Strange? Is he toxic?

    1. Kieran NYC

      He pops up on the radio. I would imagine they’re holding people ‘in reserve’ for the last few weeks. Haven’t heard a peep from Dana, Hanley, Gallagher and I’m sure there are more ‘respectable’ types who will be trotted out in the last week.

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