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This morning.

Dublin City University.

Sleaze-soaked former US President Bill Clinton ahead of an honory doctorate for his hands on work with young graduates the peace process.


Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton: A money trail of sexual scandals (Washington Post)

Good times.

Pic: DCU


Hello you.

Bill Clinton (top) and Clinton Foundation donor Denis O’Brien (above) and Bill Clinton at DCU.



STOP him.

He’s too ‘cool’ to wear his regulation PPE?

Rendering his crystal meth experiments unsafe.

Lab Student writes:

DCU [Dublin City University] are advertising that they are in the top 1% of the world’s universities, yet the photo in their ad (above) shows one of the lab students not using correct lab protocol. Check the Facebook comments [At link below] for more..


DCU (Facebook)


A poster for a debate on same sex marriage which took place in Dublin City University last night

Fluffybiscuits writes:

“Been chatting to a few friends who attended the debate on same sex marriage in DCU last night. What was said to me was that there was a comment made by the No side which appeared to say that they would attack the Yes side through saying the government is trying to change the meaning of gender through the wording of the same sex marriage referendum. Can anyone shed any light on this?”


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Also: what is the green thing for pity’s sake?

Sean Cassidy writes:

I’m running for election in my students’ union in DCU [Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin]. When I was canvassing some on-campus accommodation I came across a number of incidents where the service provided was disgraceful, including slugs in the communal kitchen. I’d appreciate if you could highlight this, because it’s simply not acceptable that this occurs in a university owned company.

But how did they get in?

They did ‘OK’ in the Leaving.


Fair enough.

More distressing images here


Irish Times journalist Rosita Boland after a talk to final year journalism students at Dublin City University.

Ann Lovett was the 15-year-old schoolgirl, from Granard, Co Longford, who died giving birth beside a grotto in 1984.



A short Scannal documentary about the tragedy (including revealing Gay Byrne/Sunday papers moment) here. Part two here.