4 thoughts on “‘Sup

  1. BenTen

    How long can that little fella last outside? They have the same guy’s in the Zoo, maybe a new home is in order.

  2. Doolally

    If you see one of these please try to catch it! There are no freshwater turtles or terrapins native to Ireland: they are invasive species (usually irresponsibly dumped pets) that are disrupting the ecosystems of our rivers and canals. They’re quick to slide into the water and can bite, so best to grab from behind or throw something over them. Keep it as a pet if you fancy or it can be handed in to your local SPCA for rehoming. If you can’t catch it please at least report the sighting at invasivespeciesireland.com/alien-watch .

    @BenTen: unfortunately they seem to survive quite easily, and even thrive – hence the invasive species problem! You’re dead right that a new home is in order.

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