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  1. the good helen

    i’d be more asking the question, why have the bins not been emptied so that the overflow – you know…. wouldnt be an overflow.

    1. Wayne.F

      Your right it’s the councils fault that someone couldn’t hold on to a plastic bag filled with their rubbish I till the passed a bin with space for it.

      1. Joe the Lion


        it’s times like this I wish they let some of the less socialised animals out of their cages

      2. Mayor Quimby

        it’s so Irish to blame the authorities instead of the filthy toe rags who do this.

        There are too many lazy, inconsiderate scumbags in this country.

        It’s interesting that a “Progressive” website needs the government to become all nanny state when it suits – and it doesn’t get more nanny state that asking someone else to wipe your arce/pick up your litter

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    The Park has been packed these last few days as people get a well-deserved bit of recreational time in the sunshine.
    Which was forecasted.
    Those over at the Zoo (the human kind) I would hope had the cop-on to call in all resources to cope with the increased crowds for admission and refreshments….the same would be expected from the Tea-Rooms, Farmleigh and the Visitors Centre.

    Dublin City Council Litter Section? Nah. Be grand.

    1. Digs

      Yep, people really shouldn’t be expected to make decisions regarding their waste independently. It’s complicated stuff.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Ah now Digs, you know right well that a lot of us take our rubbish home and wouldn’t even contemplate balancing it precariously on top of a stuffed bin. Unfortunately a hell of a lot of people don’t – and that’s why we have clean-up services.

        1. the good helen

          agree – would have been alot less of a mess if they had of done their jobs and put two and two together. “Lads.. its getting pretty busy out there with a zillion more people than normal, will we empty the bins now before it gets crazy, …??” “Na na lads i’m reckoning do what we normally do, it shouldn’t really make any difference I wouldn’t think. Now, who nicked my snickers bar??”

      2. the good helen

        if it was collected in the first place, there would be no balancing rubbish on top of other rubbish. I don’t like littering along with the rest, and personally i’d take my rubbish home rather than balance it on an already overflowing bin, however, as said previous, If the bins were emptied, i’m reckoning the mess wouldnt be there, as people would put it in the bin, Now if only we can teach everyone not to litter that would be a whole new ballgame.

    1. Liam

      Bray has loads of those “Big Belly’ bins that have a compactor inside. Obviously they need to buy more of them though, somebody has decided they’re cheaper than hiring someone to empty the bins on a weekend

      (without getting into the usual public service bashing, I suspect the councils could easily subcontract out the emptying of bins 7 days a week if it didn’t cause industrial relations problems).

      1. scottser

        yeah, sure they could get some people off the dole to do it – give them an extra 50 bucks a week and sure look at the experience they’d get?
        oh, wait a sec..

  3. Justin

    This is what happens when the OPW removes almost all of the bins in the park and doesn’t schedule regular emptying.

    I’m sure it’s very cost-effective though, and sure what’s the experience of wading through a flood of rubbish and dogsh*t compared to a lower bill for the OPW?

    1. Joe the Lion

      Notwithstanding that Justin I also think the point stands that if the bin is full folks could bring their crap with them.

      1. Disasta

        There should be people emptying the bins or this will always happen. Always.
        No matter who says “take it home”.

  4. pissedasanewt

    If they put more open top bins in the Park then they would end up being full of domestic waste. How about people thinking, I came to the park with a load of picnic stuff, consumed it, now i’ll bring it home. Especially if they drove there. I’d have some sympathy for those that got public transport or walked.

  5. Kieran NYC

    And sure if people *always brought every piece of rubbish home ever*, we wouldn’t need any bins at all.

    People need bins. The more people, the more they’re going to need bins.

    Oh, but let them overflow and be morally superior.

    1. Joe the Lion

      Nothing to do with morals bubba

      Everything to do with being an adult and taking personal responsibility. Even my dog buries his old bones and if I asked him to recycle his poop and gave him the facilities to do so I’m sure he’d do it without question as well.

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