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This morning/afternoon

Anti-irish Water gathering outside Irish Water HQ Colville House, Talbot Street, Dublin. Protestors including TDs Ruth Coppinger and Paul Murphy alongside Conor Mac Liam, husband of Susie Long.

Leah writes:

The We Won’t Pay Campaign launched a ‘counter-offensive’ against Irish Water bills. They are calling for nationwide street meetings in every area to build networks in each community to organise non-payment, and will be making a call for campaign groups, community groups and activists to deliver a national boycott leaflet into every estate, town and village across the country….”

From top: Councillor Michael O’Brien; (l-r)  Ruth Coppinger TD with Conor Mac Liam, Councillor Michael O’Brien and Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy ; Aoife and Ciara Hendrick from Walkinstown Says No

(Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

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13 thoughts on “Boiling

  1. scottser

    why don’t we mark off an ugly section of the coastline that we’re not using and feck them all in there as part of a landfill. sure in 20 years time we could have a new town called ballishka.

        1. Bacchus

          I’m already putting your first suggestion into action. These protesters will make excellent landfill… they don’t seem to move much.

          1. scottser

            and in 20 years, you could be walking through balliishka and what can you see peeping up through the soil? oh look, years ago this was an expensive phone. and look, a piece of a vintage nike trainer before we all got jet packs. aww..

  2. smoothlikemurphys

    “build networks in each community to organise non-payment”

    How does one go about organising inaction?

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