Cat In Himmel



Der Führer  Cookie.

Looking for love and lebensraum.

Cat’s Aid Dublin writes:

Cookie is 8 months old. He is very shy but has come on over the past few weeks. He had a bad start in life and was found as a stray. He loves our other cats and has no fear of our dogs. He plays with our other foster kitten Tina! He is not too keen on being picked up but we are working on him as we can pet him easily, he will come to you to be petted. He loves his toys and always has a little toy mouse in his mouth!

Cat’s Aid (Facebook)

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7 thoughts on “Cat In Himmel

    1. Ms Piggy

      Yes, because he has the hairline as well as the moustache. He seems a complete dote, I hope he finds a loving home (the cat, obviously).

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