28 thoughts on “Drawing A Blank

  1. Jonotti

    What’s galling about this case, is that our corrupt Gardai are now going around saying Bailey’s loss in court vindicates them. Disgusting.

        1. Mr. T.

          It’s a given that the perpetrator should have been found but that is a separate point. The behaviour of the police is reprehensible and raises the fear that many innocent people have been framed for crimes they did not commit and also that some of those framings may have been politically motivated.

          Stop being afraid of your government.

    1. leesider

      Where are these corrupt gardaí going around saying this??

      As stated below, the gall of the gardaí isn’t the real tragedy here at all.

    1. ThePeoplesHero

      And it’s possibly fair to say that more people will now be aware of this blank page from reading about it on Broadsheet than from the actual mag itself!

  2. Fran Green

    At a guess, there might be legal issues surrounding the evidence of a witness in the case, that might require further court action.

  3. Unreconstructed

    They should perhaps blank out the whole magazine in that way. Couldn’t be worse than the usual crap. Also. hell of a way to save on journalistic costs while pretending to take the moral high ground…

    1. Kolmo

      usual crap?? It’s highlighted more political corruption and wrongdoings in officialdom than any other publication in Ireland

  4. antigonite

    The Judge decided that certain matters were not to be considered by the Jury, including Bailey’s arrests because they were apparently lawful. (This has costs implications as this was only found to be the case towards the end of the case.) Evidence related to those matters have not been decided upon by the Jury and so are not subject to comment in the media the same way as other matters which the Jury did decide on, for example whether gardaí attempted to get statements from Farrell alleging that Bailey had intimidated her.

    1. More_Bemuda_Than_Berlin

      Remember the days folks – an informed, well-written reply that answers the question asked, from a Broadsheet reader!

      Well done sir/madam

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