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Darragh writes:

This is a video from a Cork LGBTS choir called “Choral Con Fusion”. They recently wrote, sang and recorded a song for charity called “We Love the Same (A Song for Equality)” with proceeds from single sales  going to the the upcoming marriage equality campaign.
They’ve been trying to get the song out there, but the BAI ruling to do with the SSM referendum means that a lot of radio/tv presenters aren’t willing – perhaps unsurprisingly – to play the song (perhaps if the Iona Institute had some kind of anti-SSM tune out to counteract this one, it’d balance out in the eyes of RTÉ?)…

Available on iTunes here

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21 thoughts on “Loud And Proud

  1. Der

    I haven’t heard Macklemore – Same Love on the radio in awhile. Is that because it’s Pro Marriage Equality?

    1. rotide

      We never landed on the moon, 911 was an inside job, RTE are denying macklemore (and poor old ryan lewis lets not forget) hard earned royalties.

      Glad you stumbled onto this conspiracy Der

      1. Der

        ha! I’m not into conspiracies.

        I was merely asking if people thought that playing such a song would fall under the under the BAI 50/50 requirements.

  2. newsjustin

    You tend not to hear choral music on most radio stations. And it’s clearly a political/protest song, which is cool, but more of a reason why broadcasters won’t play it.

    1. Frank

      Some of the radio stations already contacted the choir directly (I’m friends with them) but the BAI won’t allow then to play the song as there is no “anti song” as such. But they are getting interviews out of it at least.

  3. chopser

    Kinda sums up the whole campaign. Preaching to the choir.
    This won’t do much to change the minds of the people who will vote No.
    Need to change the campaign strategy or I fear it could be a closely run referendum

  4. Bluebeard

    Good for them. i hope they enjoy their moment in the sun.. Now, can the serious campaigners up their game.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    There’s been a lot of talk about this next song, maybe, maybe too much talk. This IS a campaigning song. This song needs airplay before the big day in May.

    I’ll get me a fedora and make like a zephyr.

  6. Just sayin'

    Jees, the relentless propaganda here in unreal. I’m sorry our constitutional insistence on a balanced approach to changing the Constitution of Ireland doesn’t suit your particular agenda this time but you’ll just have to live with it.

    1. NICE anne (dammit)

      I see your relentless propaganda. and raise with balanced calls for equality for all.

    2. NICE anne (dammit)

      I see your relentless propaganda. and raise with balanced calls for equality for all.

      1. rotide

        I’ll call you on “balanced” calls for equality.

        As good and all as broadsheet is, there’s nothing balanced about it whatsoever.

  7. Dubloony

    Clunky lyrics but fair play to them.

    Out on the campaign trail (urban Dublin) younger people well on board for a yes vote. Of the negative comments, its usually older men.
    As one man told me, given what he was brought up with he just can’t bring himself to vote yes even though he admit that times have changed. Its a huge cultural leap for some people and I don’t think the yes campaigns are really addressing that.

  8. Lorcan Nagle

    Right, that’s it. I know after that open letter I was back voting yes, but after they’ve resorted to choral music, it’s absolutely the last straw. I’m voting no again!

  9. Carolus Dran

    ‘I heart, you heart………’
    ‘Heart’ is now a verb……
    Nauseating, sentimental and quite possibly the worst lyrics I have ever heard.

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