She’s back.

Aunty Panti on a Sunday.

Pub landlady, performer, writer, speechifier, gender discombobulist, and national treasure Panti Bliss returns to the airwaves for the month of May on Dublin music station TXFM, which can be found at 105.2 FM on the wireless whatsit.

The Sunday Service takes in ‘The Fear’-inducing hours of 9am-12noon.

SS host Dee Reddy writes:

I’m delighted to welcome Panti to Sunday Service and back on the airwaves with me. Aunty Panti’s been very busy this past year, so I’ve a lot of my own problems I’ll need her to cover.

We’d love to hear from as many people as possible, so if you have a personal issue you’d like to hear broadcast to a wider audience (and who wouldn’t?) please drop us a line at before Thursday 16th April.



Panti Bliss on

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25 thoughts on “Agony Is An Energy

  1. Jonotti

    Could you ask Panti why he gave out about the water protesters blocking up the city centre? Also, could you ask Panti why he welcomed Enda Kenny to his bar, when the nation hates that man. Thanks

    1. Dave

      And ask Panti to ask TXFM people why they PLAY THE SAME 8 SONGS ON A LOOP ALL DAY??????? It’s very annoying.

      1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

        They don’t do that Dave. I listen most days and it probably has the widest selection of songs for any station.

        1. Dave

          After 7 pm that’s the case. Kelly Ann Byrne, gav glass, nialler etc all very good shows with a wide range. But from 7am to 6pm it’s just a few very safe songs on a loop. If a hear that Florence, what a man or whatever it’s called song again my head’s going to burst.

          1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

            Well if I’m honest I only listen from 3pm and I don’t think Joe Donnelly falls into the repetitive trap.

          2. Anomanomanom

            your clearly listening to a different station. I listen all day and it’s never how you describe

    2. Jones

      Because the water protesters do block the city. And who cares where Enda Kenny enjoys a shandy

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    “if you have a personal issue you’d like to hear broadcast to a wider audience”

    I thought this awful format was exhausted years ago by that late night eejit DJ with the violin strings and soppy music?

    1. Mloc

      Oh this is a fresh new twist on it you see… because now it is a man dressed as a woman answering them.

  3. Bluebeard

    9-12am? IM not sure his demographic will be up by then.. But then again, would they care?

    1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

      You don’t know the demographic more
      like. They’ll obvs still be up sessioning.

  4. Anomanomanom

    Not that txfm will care, but they’ve just lost an avid listener. Any station that has panti on it is not worth listening to.

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