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For those of you stuck for something to listen to in the wake of the closure of TXFM last night, fear not.

New Irish music might be disappearing from the national FM daytime dial (for now… phantoms have a habit of haunting occupied spaces), but that doesn’t mean we should discount any number of alternative means of artist discovery based in Ireland.

Here are a few options:


8Radio.com – Broadcasting online and FM -24/7 online, weekends on FM

The “true” successor to Phantom 105, and where its founders and other loyal staff went next. Presenting an eclectic and relevant selection of music from a busy lineup of DJs, their status as successors to the beloved Dubland alt-rock station now makes them the de facto national Irish-music station.

14370218_286677905047705_4165130411722500206_nDublin Digital Radio – broadcasting online – 24/7

We likes a bit of aul’ manifesto-making here at Karl’s den Broadsheet offices, so imagine our delight at finding Digital Digital Radio upon its recent launch.

Too long has the music scene in Ireland rip roared along without a radio platform to support it, to provide the link between what’s happening on the ground to the listener, the music lover that has been left behind by the cultural dearth on Irish national airwaves. Too long have social and political issues been silenced on the airwaves due to the puppet show of balance and too long off air are the days of the pirate radio when a degree of autonomy existed on the airwaves… We are here to change that….



RTÉ 2XM – Broadcasting online/on-demand, night-times on RTÉ 2FM – 24-7

The self-confessed wild-child of the public broadcasting schedule, 2XM places emphasis on new music of all genres, and is home to a wide variety of Irish music veterans and personalities, each curating their own personal patch of sonic goodness.

The standout is FM-repeated flagship show The Alternative, hosted by Dan Hegarty, but a veritable cornucopia of Irish music names and faces bolster a solid line-up of shows, including blogger Nessymon, post-rock veteran Dudley Colley and others.


Room101 – broadcasting online – 24/7

Following in the proud tradition of Cork pirate radio, Franco-Irish rock ‘n’ roll station Room101 broadcasts from downstairs in the Mardyke complex on Sheares’ Street, having moved there from the former Camden Palace arts centre. Placing an emphasis on rock and metal in its branding, it nevertheless features a wide selection of DJs and genres, from Tuesday nights’ Studio Sessions, featuring live DJ sets from the cream of Irish dance, to Rap Franc Severe on Sunday nights, possibly the only Francophone hip-hop show on Irish airwaves, analogue or digital. Also boasts an archive of every show ever broadcast on the station on-demand at its Mixcloud, updated every Monday,

(Full disclosure: Mike works the graveyard shift Monday nights on this station)


URadio – broadcasting online and available via smartphone apps – 24/7

Admittedly, more commercially-friendly fare is on offer here, with heavy emphasis on the Kodalines, Hoziers and such of the world. However, an all-Irish station broadcasting 24/7 is a lofty goal to say the least, and merits applause for such ambition in the current mainstream radio climate. Also available via a host of apps.


Loose Joints – Podcasting from Nialler9.com and elsewhere – on-demand

Another Broadsheet contributor, music blogger extraordinaire Nialler9 follows his beloved solo podcasting/mix efforts with a new collaboration with DJ Sally Cinnamon.

Only a few installments in, it follows the duo talking to various people within Irish music, talking to them about the tunes they love, new and old. Guests so far have numbered actor/writer Emmet Kirwan, booze event booker Oisin Davis, and DJ/photographer Aidan Kelly.

Shaping up to be an eclectic mix of conversation, music/artist discovery and human interest that exemplifies the best of music fandom.


No Encore – Podcasting via headstuff.org – on-demand

With a combination of Irish and international guests, and lively conversation on music and culture, the HeadStuff music desk puts No Encore together weekly, and releases them on Wednesday nights via the site. Recent interviewees include Holy Fuck, Sage Francis, and Wallis Bird.

Emphasis firmly on alternatives, and some salty language, for those of you listening in a work environment.


Spin Alt – Broadcasting on SPIN Southwest FM and online – Sunday mornings – 9.45 am

Hosted by the ridiculously sound Ray “Wingnut” Cuddihy, Spin Alt is the home of new Irish music in the Southwest area, broadcasting as it is on SPIN FM, though it can also be found online at the station’s site during broadcast hours. There are a few on-demand shows up around the place for an example of what he’s peddling. He’s also done some magnificent stuff for podcasters Curious Broadcast.


Green on Red – Broadcasting on RedFM and online – Sunday evenings – 7-10pm

A generous helping of Irish tunes every Sunday, on FM in the Cork area, and available worldwide online, curated mostly by Ashley Keating of the Frank and Walters, with acting hosts taking the reins from time to time.

A staple of the station’s schedule since hitting the airwaves in 2002, it remains a perennial favourite among local listeners.


Roddie Cleere’s Irish Music Show – Broadcasting on KCLR96FM and online – Sunday evenings – 8-10pm

Lifelong Lizzy fan and Roisín Dubh Trust member Roddie Cleere has long been a proponent of Irish talent on radio, starting off all the way back in 1979.

Cleere presented his Irish Music Show on WLR for two decades before moving to his current home, where his unwavering belief in homegrown tunes has been a long-term concern. All of his shows are also available in an on-demand archive.


Totally Irish – Broadcasting on 98FM and online – Sunday evenings – 9-11pm

For the last six years, John Barker has been keeping it lit for Irish music on Dublin’s 98fm, with emphasis on new tunes, upcoming gigs, interviews and sessions.As well as being appointment listening along the Liffey, it’s available for on-demand listening on the station’s site.

Please add any we have missed below.



TXFM, occupying the former airwaves of Phantom 105.2, goes off air.

The station was among the few fighting the good fight full-time for new, independent Irish music, staffed by people who actually give a toss about same, our own Nialler9 included, and who we imagine won’t be long going about finding new battlegrounds.

The station goes dark at 8pm.

Cheers, lads.

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Nialler9 writes:

TXFM is going off air for good [today].

Back in March, it was announced that the station’s owners did not renew the licence for the station and it would cease at the end of October. Wednesday, the 26th, to be precise I finished my show in June.

One of TXFM’s remaining daytime presenters Claire Beck is a huge John Grant fan, so much so she played Queen Of Denmark, live in full as her album pick this week as part of the station’s closing programming.

[Yesterday] though, she was surprised live on air when JG walked in to the studio unannounced and wished her well with some flowers. The pair then had a lovely chat (after the initial shock).


Previously: TXFM on Broadsheet

Here’s the moment John Grant surprised Claire Beck live on TXFM (Nialler9)

A slave to the man, then this.

Further to the news that [often excellent] TXFM will cease to be.

TXFM’s Joe Donnelly writes:

We have been flooded with heartbreaking, joyous, funny, moving, genuine, poignant, sad, philosophical and reassuring messages.We’ve received hundreds and hundreds of texts, tweets, emails, and social media or web posts. During the past two shows, I’ve been sat in the studio thinking to myself: ‘What on earth is going on here?’


TXFM 105.2

For those who threw rocks and made use of a bolthole, they salute you.

Joe Donnelly writes:

We have a very long and rich heritage of Irish songwriting that deals with colonial oppression by the British. For centuries the folk tradition has cultivated hundreds of ballads and songs of protest and anger. Irish people have always gathered together to sing; it’s part of our identity as a community. This playlist, using the 1916 centenary as a platform, builds up a brief history of some of these songs.

Needs more “broad black brimmer”.


Listen here.
Commemorative 1916 Spotify Playlist (TXFM)


Dublin alt. station Phantom

Replaced by TXFM last year, right?

Not so fast.

Copyright lawyer Brian Conroy writes:

Sooooo, yesterday Irish Trade Mark Agents FR Kelly filed an application for ‘Phantom’ in the classes for radio and television broadcasting. The same firm registered ‘Phantom’ as an Irish Trade Mark back in 2004 for Wireless Media Limited, the company behind the application for Phantom FM in the license application back at that stage registered the Trade Mark ‘Phantom’ in Ireland in 2004, and the address for service of notices relating to the Trade Mark was changed to FR Kelly in 2011. Curious…


Back From The Dead? (Brian Conroy)

Thanks Ryan Philips

Some Ham Sandwich in a lay-by off the N62?

You need an all-encompassing 32 county playlist for your GAA summer.

Paul Lynskey writes:

We are looking to make a Spotify playlist, not just any playlist, an all-encompassing, 32-county playlist. Yes, it’s ambitious.  So for this we need your help. We need the music-savvy GAA fan to share their inter-county music knowledge…


Any excuse.

32 County Soundtrack (TXFM)

txfm[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/202323986″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Too much talk radio or not enough?

From May 7th,  TXFM Drive will broadcast a once-weekly series of anniversary themed album discussions presented by Joe Donnelly.

Joe writes:

This year, 2015, sees the anniversary of a wide number of hugely influential and popular albums. Through interviews with the producers behind the albums, I aim to get to the real story behind the work. How difficult was the recording process? Were there creative struggles? Did anyone realise the albums would become as successful and critically-acclaimed as they did? How exactly does the relationship between producer and band work or, in some cases, fall asunder?

’95 was a good year, in fairness.

She’s back.

Aunty Panti on a Sunday.

Pub landlady, performer, writer, speechifier, gender discombobulist, and national treasure Panti Bliss returns to the airwaves for the month of May on Dublin music station TXFM, which can be found at 105.2 FM on the wireless whatsit.

The Sunday Service takes in ‘The Fear’-inducing hours of 9am-12noon.

SS host Dee Reddy writes:

I’m delighted to welcome Panti to Sunday Service and back on the airwaves with me. Aunty Panti’s been very busy this past year, so I’ve a lot of my own problems I’ll need her to cover.

We’d love to hear from as many people as possible, so if you have a personal issue you’d like to hear broadcast to a wider audience (and who wouldn’t?) please drop us a line at Dee.Reddy@TXFM.ie before Thursday 16th April.



Panti Bliss on Broadsheet.ie



Joe Donnelly writes:

“I asked listeners to TXFM Drive to decide which country would come out on top in a battle of the bands and singers. Of all the remaining World Cup matches, no other two countries can offer up the same intriguing contest. While most of the music we listen to comes from Britain, the U.S., and of course our own country, there’s no denying that France and Germany have provided some quality artists over the years….”

Top of die Pops?

You FIGHT decide.