17 thoughts on “Classic Parking: Dublin Bike Edition

  1. Gavin

    Its bloody stupid…but if there is no were to lock it what do you do. The Council goes on about about making the city more bike friendly, but its a very long way from achieving it.

  2. the good helen

    funny enough I knew it was lidl before reading it, I used to shop in lidl on malahide road and same thing. Not a Dublin bike but bike users always parking their bikes like that. unbelievable.

  3. sqoid

    I’d be with you on that one Gavin but on this occasion there’s a Dublin Bikes station 200m away on Oliver Bond St.

    Pedestrians are already poorly served by the footpaths on Thomas St so without widening the footpath there is no space for bike racks

  4. Tony

    I’d say he/she came out five minutes later with a litre of milk and a box of Crownfield Nougat Pillows and got a box in the head off some oul wan trying to return her shallow trolley

    1. Medium Sized C

      There is a metal cable, with a locking pin at the end.
      There is also a socket for the pin to lock into.

      You wrap the cable around the implement you want to secure it to, pop the pin into the socket and it has a little key that you turn and remove from its keyhole.

      The pin is now secured in the socket and should stay in place untill it is unlocked with the key.

      Additional peace of mind can be derived from the fact that nobody would be arsed stealing the thing.

  5. Anomanomanom

    In fairness i live in that area and the scumbags from Oliver bond(not stereotyping), iv seen them, are always stealing people’s bikes from outside the shop. So safer bringing it in to the trolley area.

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