If There’s A Russell In Your Head Now



Don’t be alarmed no.


The Element Pictures/ Screen cinema/Blue Moon Brewing craft beer showing of the Russell Brand and Michael Winterbottom (snigger) documentary The Emperor’s New Clothes in The Screen, D’Olier Street, Dublin.

Sit blummin’ down

More as we get it.

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41 thoughts on “If There’s A Russell In Your Head Now

    1. Drogg

      And Russell brand the multimillionaire talking about financial equality. It is a room of hypocrisy.

        1. Stumpy

          My hairline is slowly receding – Does that mean my sperm count is increasing? Outstanding!

  1. Sheila

    Ah, the beer stampede captured for posterity.

    Didn’t bother myself, too busy trying to figure out who else from these here comment sections is in attendance.

  2. Atticus

    I enjoyed it. It’ll probably get slated for being overly simplistic, but isn’t that the point? He’ll also suffer from people attacking him rather than addressing the points he makes, playing the man rather than the ball.
    Whatever way you look at it, it is ridiculous the way that society has become more and more unequal. There will eventually come a tipping point.

  3. Tá Frilly Keane

    I thought t’was great
    And almost 2 hr flick
    With no Running commentary or fighting over who took the last bag a’Taytos.
    No scrambling for whatever has been the anointed “that’s my seat”
    No looking for the gizzy or the homework journal that needs to be signed
    No “BED!”….”but I’m still hungry”

    Ye get the jist

    TBF. I thought ye’d be a lot more sociable.

    I enjoyed and appreciated the film
    I could a done with less George Osborne tbh
    And Brand’s direct to camera mono’lectures got tedious
    And the Q&A could’a done with more Audience input

    And that stampede towards the beer table was hilarious

    However its “The potential for change actually exits” is what I take from the evening and keep

    Thanks for organising it BS

    1. Sheila

      I was tempted to stand up and say hello to everyone, but the right moment didn’t present itself…

      Yes, thanks BS and EP. It was quite enjoyable. Nice to be back in the Screen. I’ve not been there in years.

      The presentation was good. While knowing a lot already, the angle it took still made for some surprising viewing. It was a bit depressing too. Galling at times too. Music choice was a bit odd at times.

      His lack of commitment to the cause in the Q&A was a bit miffing though. And at times he appeared to be quite angry, not sure at what or who. He’s a odd ticket at times, Russell.

      1. Lilly

        What was the air quality like? The last time they opened a window in the Screen was 1984. Would love to have been there for a qwalk at the Broadsheeters. What sort of crowd, a big mish mash I’d imagine. Pics please! More of these events BS.

  4. Tá Frilly Keane

    Ah here
    I appreciate Brand isn’t everyone’s cuppa tay
    But he is self made
    He did not inherit his wealth
    He did not extract his wealth out of Government policies
    He doesn’t have gaffs in Switzerland, Jersey, Cayman or whatever yer having yerself
    Nor was he part of the School boy network that never stops rewarding their own
    He did not nor will not blag a board of of self serving dimwits to award bales and bales free shares
    And if he gets a bonus.
    He pays it to himself

    In 20 years time the O’ Redacted children will be swanning around with 9 figure wealth under their holes, without having to have worked a day in their lives, and the only tax they’ll have paid to the State, that provided a subsidised education, is duty on gargle and fuel.



    1. Lilly

      Cool, he got ye all fired up. What can we be doing apart from boycotting Dunnes Stores, Topaz, INM etc? What can individuals do to bring about incremental change?

  5. Joe835

    I enjoyed the film, didn’t stay for the Q&A but having gone in expecting to dislike it (wrong attitude, I know, but Brand irritates me no end), I enjoyed its overall narrative (especially surrounding pay levels and justification for this at the top). It’s made me question capitalism a bit more.

    The only low point was the looter; they seemed to be downplaying a grown man joining his mates and stealing a £150 iPod dock in the London riots. As small a crime as it was compared to what happened in the financial sector (and severe the initial sentence was), he did only serve 3 months but crucially he didn’t have to do a damn thing and he wouldn’t have broken the law!

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