Indefatigable North Kildare TD Catherine Murphy discusses the response received to a freedom of information request to the Department of Finance into the circumstances surrounding IBRC’s sale of Siteserv to Denis O’Brien owned Millington.

Just a little shady.

Ms Murphy TD sez:

“While the responses are heavily redacted, there are some key passages visible and they leave the reader in no doubt that there were serious problems in the relationship that existed between the IBRC – formerly Anglo, and the Department of Finance. Indeed at one point, the memo states that “events over the past few months have led me to question the effectiveness of the management team in IBRC…I am concerned that the reputation of the IBRC and by extension the State has been damaged as a result of these events.


Siteserv And The Bank That Liked To Say Yes

The Best Deal For The State

Siteserv For Sore Eyes

Sierra Where Would You get It?

Thicker Than Uisce: The Irish Water And Siteserv Timeline

Contains Impurities



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43 thoughts on “Redactulous

  1. Edward

    If that’s only some of the reply, where’s the rest of it? Sure only showing the redacted pages makes for a juicy and biased story.

  2. Mr. T.

    A deliberately obnoxious response from Government. That about sums up their attitude to most people in Ireland.

    Fine Gael do not serve the citizens of Ireland. They have to go or be forced.

  3. Conor

    That is seriously the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in a long time. How obvious does it have to be? So much for a democracy eh? Christ we are such a f*ked up, corrupt little s*”thole of a nation.
    And begorrah, nothing will change.

      1. Spartacus

        Can’t have citizens pointing out the fupping obvious low standards to which you aspire, can we, Paolo? Better to show them the door.

      2. Fergus the magic postman

        Yes Paolo. People should leave the government alone. Have they no jobs to go to? Don’t want to pay for anything. Enda’s great.

      3. Starina

        the reason why ireland is stuck with these buggers is because all the people who can’t stand it or can’t survive here ARE leaving, and now can’t vote them out

        1. Fergus the magic postman

          Oh, they’ll be voted out. Don’t worry about that. FG’s power hiatus will at least as long as their last one, probably a lot longer.

      4. Lorcan Nagle

        I love my county. I’m not some rah-rah patriot like you get in the states, but I love Ireland, I love the people, and I want to live here. I also don’t want the shower of corrupt [REDACTED] in power to keep getting away with all this. So I’m going to complain at every opportunity, I’m going to campaign at every opportunity, and I’m sure as hell going to be voting for someone else come general election time.

  4. Paolo

    The protesters would be much more effective if they focused their complaints on this issue rather than the installation of meters (which are vital to a functioning water delivery system). There are serious questions that need to be answered regarding siteserv and the structure/future of Irish Water but the idea that we shouldn’t pay for water is ludicrous. The reality is that most of the protesters could give two fupps about siteserv or IW, they simply don’t want to pay for anything, regardless of the consequences.

    1. Spartacus

      This item isn’t about water protests, although you’d like it to be since it’s your only conversational topic specialist subject. Why would a self-important treacherous weasel like you want the protesters to be more effective?

      1. #Selfie Face

        Bit harsh Spartacus. Agree with him or not, general opinion would be they don’t want to pay for anything.

        Comment a bit off topic but related in a roundabout way.

        It’s a bit ridiculous to suggest that the government have to oversee every deal IBRC do.

        1. Kevin M

          Protesters don’t want to pay twice for their water. Everyone has paid about 20 billion in general taxation since ’97 for their water. But spin away perpetuating the myth of the dole scrounger and tax dodgers.

        2. Original Cynic

          Endlessly repeating the the same old “don’t want to pay for anything” line doesn’t make it true!

    2. Fergus the magic postman

      Protesters/ Non payers have been saying it’s not just about the water from the start. By paying your Irish Water bills, your money’s rewarding this kind of blatant corruption.

    3. Jim Scanlon

      Meters are not vital for the delivery of water, they are vital for the delivery of revenue, I’m a water protester and I have worked for 35 years and paid my taxes, I already pay for my water. I wont be paying again.. no investigation into this corrupt practice will unearth the truth as the government will set the terms of reference for it just like the banking fiasco..

      1. AlisonT

        You will be paying one way or another – either through VAT or through bills. The only people protesting about water meters are ones who have gone through the recession without taking any cuts, they are in fear that they may have to pay for something they use.

    4. dee

      water meters are not vital to providing any type of water supply or even finding leaks. You’ve been inhaling too much DOB.

    5. oisin

      Your comment is a load of rubbish. Im a protestor and i have no issue paying a bit more for my water even though we pay already thru our tax. Anyone who bought the bull propaganda that water was free until now needs to wake up. The problem is the privitisation of world water supplys.. the single most important resource on the planet. Its about control.

  5. bobsyerauntie

    Catherine Murphy, what a great lady, all we need now is another 165 Catherine’s in the Dail and we would have an ethical, respectable government! :)

      1. bisted

        +Catherine Murphy…she must be getting near the truth when the eFFers are jumping on the bandwagen….either that or they don’t see any further profit in the nameless one…

  6. Dhaughton99

    Sure, did they ever sort out the messy Esat digicom problem between O’Brien and Lowry?

    1. Kieran NYC

      I think that now falls under the Irish rule of ‘Brazen it out long enough until everyone else gets weary and drops it’ statute of limitations.

      See: the O’Donnells.

  7. Soundings

    1994: FG comes to power (a rare enough event since 1922)

    1995: FG-led government sells second mobile phone licence to Denis O’Brien in controversial circumstances which were examined by the Moriarty Tribunal, and, according to the former justice minister, the Gardai have investigated the Tribunal report and passed their findings to the DPP

    1997-2011 FG in political wilderness

    2011: FG win general election
    2012: FG (which is the sole shareholder in Anglo) sells Siteserv to Denis O’Brien in increasingly controversial circumstances
    2013: FG awards Siteserv what is believed to be a highly lucrative contract (it was openly tendered, but still)

    I thought FF was the party of shifty gombeens.

    Plus ca change, eh?

    1. Soundings

      Oh, and February 2013, Enda goes to Davos, comes back and tells the Dail the main thing he learned was about the telecoms market in …….Burma (where [REDACTED] was pursuing a mobile phone licence in a country which is, according to Transparency International, highly corrupt).

      And, during that spell in Davos, Enda mets with only three heads of state including the president of……Haiti (a highly corrupt country according to Transparency International, an impoverished nation where [REDACTED] holds a mobile phone licence with one of the highest average revenues per user on Earth).

  8. italia'90

    On Vincent Brown now.

    Looks like it could be bigger than Voldermort and interestingly, it will bring more attention to the winding up of IBRC and the bonds that became sovereign debt?

    Perhaps a whistle blower from Dept. of Finance might come forward?

  9. Emah

    Down, down, deeper and down…..
    I can see Sweeney ramping up a for a trilogy the way things have gone in this country.

    Sincere thanks to Catherine Murphy for all the hard work. Keep it up.

  10. Tá Frilly Keane

    Do a TD need security clearance of some sort?

    Like. Is it a matter of national security and situation room for your eyes only
    And other stuff you see on the telly

    Is it any wonder ….

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