DSPS: Sub Aqua Division



Snapsnap writes:

Ha ha – this should bring a smile to many ! But, seriously nice to know clamps don’t rust !Any reward ? If my friends in the clamping business would like the location of same I will divulge the exact location for ……. Let’s say €80-00 ! Seems fair

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18 thoughts on “DSPS: Sub Aqua Division

  1. YourNan

    Isn’t clamping useful for keeping this already congested city a bit less chaotic by forcing lazy Dubliners to use their car less? This is like the idiots posting maps of speed traps, truly bottom of the barrel passive aggressiveness. Find a more constructive hobby.

    1. My Daddy is bigger than Yours

      not to mention discouraging idiots who park on the footpaths and other dangerous locations – endangering wheelchair users especially.

      Anyone who thinks he’s” sticking it to the man” doing this obviously has a room temperature IQ

  2. Paul

    I think they don’t actually want the clamps back.

    Very busy area on DNS that has a clamp hanging from a lamppost at eye-level for around 8 months, where clampers would obviously see it. My understanding is that if you remove a clamp yourself, they will take you to court for property damage and/or theft. So never having recovered the clamps, helps them prosecute you.

  3. Fluter Bad

    Bench warrant issued for crimes against punctuation marks. No spaces between them, just as with full stops.

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