Blue Moon, You Saw Us Standing Alone



Did you go the Russell Brand screening last night?

We’re very sorry that the Blue Moon beer arrived late and the theatre was half empty. We know that many wanted to see the documentary.

Entirely Bodger’s our fault. We He will make it up to everyone. Thank you and, again, sorry.

Last night: If There’s A Russell In Your Head Now

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43 thoughts on “Blue Moon, You Saw Us Standing Alone

    1. Clampers Outside!

      You make me feel old, they’ve been theatres long before they were cinemas…. or Omniplexes… which sounds more like a Bond villain suffering from a debilitating complex of his own presence than a place…. or maybe, just maybe it’s just me, probably.

          1. The Old Boy

            If you were chatting to your mates and feeling a bit casual. If you were going to the flicks, you probably had 10 Afton in the pocket of the leather jacket that you thought didn’t hold the smell of smoke.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            Nice to see no one has referenced ‘Flea Pit’ …as we used to call them back in the wesht they were so bad…. although I remember some saying the one in Rathmines was worse than a milking shed in summer.

          3. Joe

            “Flea pit”?.. Nooo..

            I pulled my first backspin on the greasy vinyl floor at the front under the screen in that palace of many foggy childhood memories.

            7 people in the cinema if you include the projectionist, the usher / ice-cream lady, the old strange man asleep at the front and the lad from the ticket desk who eventually kicked us out an hour after the lights came up.

            “Breakdance 2” for the win.

            & many good times ever since at the good auld’ mind expand’er.

  1. Mani

    Hilarious. You apologise for this and ignore the multitude of poorly chosen posts you’ve removed without comment. So ‘Soz for the lack of beer but hey! remember that picture of the kid taking a slash? That was pretty funny, right?’

  2. Sheila

    S’ok. I didn’t want a beer anyway. I was surprised it was half empty though.

    Someone else commented on how you should do something like this again. I concur. I might even venture to try and meet a fellow broadsheeter. :P

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      I can’t do Mondays or Wednesdays

      You may see this as even more reason to hold it then of course!

  3. Bodger

    Rob, we had an allocation of 100 seats (and arranged a drinks thing at 6.15) before the documentary.

    1. Rob

      grand so, the way I read it looked like you wanted to fill the theatre with beer but just half filled it! Next time bring more beer!!

  4. Corky Duke

    dont apologise for it being half empty, apologise for the idiots who turned up to see this idiot in a movie…….

  5. Black John The Conquerer

    A real craft brewer wouldn’t have that mistake, oh no – it takes a large corporation masking as a craft brewery to screw that up.

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