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    1. Jonotti

      Exactly. Find it ironic that the Labour, the austerity party, are going on about equality.

        1. ahyeah

          Ha! You’re taking this way too seriously. What’s so hard about: 1. Show up, 2. Submit invoice.

    2. Michael

      If you’re on mw you got an increase under labour and more on way. If low paid 400000 taken out of usc…

      1. DD

        Or alternatively you can take part in jobridge, a scheme introduced by the Irish ‘Slave’ Labour Party.

  1. brownbull

    yis can piss and moan about labour all yis want but there wouldn’t be a referendum on marriage equality without labour, homosexuality wouldn’t have been decriminalised without labour, there wouldn’t even be jonnies without labour – yis can piss and moan about austerity but social welfare, public sector wages and public services would have been decimated without labour in government – we still have one of the most generous social welfare regimes in the world even as the state continues to run up an enormous deficit – austerity me hole – if you wanna talk about austerity, talk about greece, or the millions waiting in north africa to risk their lives to even get to greece

    1. sickofallthisbs

      And their investment in education, judging by your articulacy, has also paid off, clearly.

      1. brownbull

        I’m sorry, I thought this was an internet comments board, forgive my mistake. As we are all being constructive here, perhaps you could revise your comment to read, ‘has also clearly paid off.’ It reads a a lot better. To address your point though, yes, I owe my third level education to Labour in government.

    2. Jonotti

      Do you really believe that? It wasn’t the Labour Party that got us this ref, or johnies, or social welfare. It was the people, and often in the teeth of very fierce opposition from the Labour Party.

      1. Rob_G

        Of course it was Labour, do you think a single party Govt of FG would decide to hold a marriage equality referendum?

        “It was the people, and often in the teeth of very fierce opposition from the Labour Party.” – this is such meaningless BS

        1. Jonotti

          the Labour Party was split on the issue of johnnies, it’s afraid to repeal the 8th, it’s cut social welfare drastically, and most of its TDs are noticeably absent on the doorsteps when it comes to pushing Marriage Equality.

          1. Rob_G

            Interesting on the johnnies, I had always thought that it was labout – colour me surprised.

            FG would almost certainly have cut social welfare more had they not been in Govt with Labour.

            And are any party’s TDs campaigning strongly for the Marriage Equality referendum? It’s very likely to pass, and I imagine that most Labour supporters would be in favour already, so I could see why they might consider it redundant.

          2. Michael

            If you check the #labour tag on Twitter you’ll see plenty of evidence of labour canvassing. More than any other parties I’d guess

          3. Grace

            Jonotti, I believe polticians of Govt parties have deliberately decided not to go out knocking on doors to call for a yes vote – they do not want the ill feelings many feel towards the government to sway the vote.
            Instead many TDs and counsellors are doing great work behind the scenes, helping to arrange cavanvessing and advising grass roots groups on many issues.
            This has been incredibly useful for the many volunteers who are new to canvessing and local politics (myself included)


          4. brownbull

            Misleading, wrong, wrong and irrelevant
            1) The Labour Party legalised contraception, of course there were a few in the party who did not agree, it’s called democracy. You are being deliberately misleading. I do like the split johnnie allusion though.
            2) The Labour Party supports repeal of the 8th, but it will not bring down the government on the issue. This is the right choice when there are other issues to deal with and there are not enough votes in favour of repeal given an open vote.
            3) The Labour Party did not cut social welfare drastically, you are exaggerating.
            4) The Labour Party is very prominent on the doorsteps pushing a yes vote on marriage equality, if TDs are absent on the doorstep it may be because they feel the unpopularity of some of the establishment of the party may damage the Yes vote.
            Jonotti you seem to think Labour don’t want the referendum to succeed, why would they want the referendum they fought for in the programme for government to fail?

          5. Michael

            Health (Family Planning) (Amendment) Act, 1993 introduced when Howlin was minister, appeal of 8th approved as commitment at conference, spending much more on SW now than we did in the boom – for more beneficiaries.

          6. Jonotti

            Of course Labour won’t bring down the government on the 8th, it doesn’t give a crap about women’s rights. It never has. It won’t even push FG to be more liberal in regards abortion for rape victims and the suicidal.

          7. Jonotti

            Oh, and almost forgot Labour cutting medical cards and picking on the disabled. Also, they take great joy in cutting carers’ allowance. But god forbid we bring that up.

    3. ahjayzis

      Too righ chicken, deze dzzzzzopes wudnt no der born hun, the dzuurty lookin shower a hewers de lorrodem xxx

    1. ahjayzis


      Politicians getting involved can only hurt the yes campaign.

      But I fully support Drone On Mullen stepping up for No.

      1. Dubloony

        So if there’s o sig of politicians, its bad, if there are out campaigning, its bad.
        Can’t win.

  2. YourNan

    Unless you are on welfare in which case they will hound you like a dog just so they can be seen to do “something”. Screw Labour, self serving scum like the rest.

    1. Dubloony

      Hound people? Anyone on the dole is supposed to be actively looking for a job and to being left to rot in dependency for the rest of their lives. That’s what happened i the 80s and some areas never recovered from it.

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