32 thoughts on “Bad Form

    1. Paolo

      I’m confused by the post. I don’t understand how Cian is confused. It’s a Yes/No question.

  1. ahjayzis

    So you think the font size is too small, basically? Fine

    But then you removed the actual details of what’s to be added to the constitution and replaced it with a reference to a Bill very few will have downloaded and read?

    Yeah, I prefer the first one.

  2. jeremy kyle

    Still – doesn’t look as bad as that shitty, pixelated font everyone is putting on there facebook profile pictures.

    Weren’t people complaining after the Seanad referendum that it was confusing! Reading carefully helps.

  3. Stewart Curry

    It’s obviously not an improvement if people can’t tell which is an improvement. Where’s the confusion?

  4. Odis

    I can see where you are coming from Cian, but the reality is everyone knows what Yes and No means, in this case.

  5. Damien

    To anyone that’s confused, Broadsheet reordered the forms a few mins ago. Originally, the official ballot form was at the bottom and the redesign was at the top – but the text indicated that the redesign was “below” i.e. the official ballot form. Hence, lots of post of people saying the redesign was worse than the original.

    Now the images have been swapped around and the first few posts of the article don’t make any sense any more. :)

  6. Cian Brennan

    They initially put up the order of the images wrong, hence the confusion in the comments.

    Upon my first time reading the ballot I found it hard to even find the mention of ‘marriage equality’, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be clearer. I understand that this is the way it’s always been but for those voting for the first time in a referendum (a large portion of the Yes vote) this could be intimidating.

    As a graphic designer I just thought that there were a few adjustments and clarifications that could be made. And yes the font is slightly smaller, my apologies :)

  7. Bambi

    The confusion will be an issue because many people will be voting “no” for the 35th amendment (i.e. lowering the age for presidential candidates) on the same day.
    It could be easy to make a mistake if the ballot form is unclear.

    1. Paolo

      Nope, still can’t see how anyone could read that and think that they were voting for anything other than marriage equality.

    2. Kieran NYC

      Has there been any discussion/polling on the age amendment?

      I don’t see any good reason not to lower the age limit, but anecdotally I feel a lot of people will vote No because “those feckin’ kids, eh?” or some such.

  8. Murtles

    So the top one is the original ballot? The reason I say this is that the format of the YES and NO with boxes around them is par for the course on most ballot papers. The amendment details and wording are always on the other side of the voting paper so you read that first then turn it over to vote. So sorry Cian, if the bottom one is yours then you must have never voted in a referendum before and yours will not go down well with the eldery and people of a glasses wearing nature.

  9. Boba Fettucine

    ‘Dong’ was meant to be ‘doing’.

    An bhfuil cead aguibh buttun editeach? / can we have an edit button?

  10. Stephanenny

    Can I recommend to the broadsheet mods that ye either remove all the comments pointing out the error that you have since corrected or more clearly mark the original and the mod as this thread is now super, super confusing.

  11. Milk Teeth

    I prefer the version where the languages are seperate, line by line translation is awkward; espeshally for us dyslexic types.

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