Shut Up And Play The Hits


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Too much talk radio or not enough?

From May 7th,  TXFM Drive will broadcast a once-weekly series of anniversary themed album discussions presented by Joe Donnelly.

Joe writes:

This year, 2015, sees the anniversary of a wide number of hugely influential and popular albums. Through interviews with the producers behind the albums, I aim to get to the real story behind the work. How difficult was the recording process? Were there creative struggles? Did anyone realise the albums would become as successful and critically-acclaimed as they did? How exactly does the relationship between producer and band work or, in some cases, fall asunder?

’95 was a good year, in fairness.

30 thoughts on “Shut Up And Play The Hits

  1. delta V

    More like, difficulty of the buying process. In 1985. I got bollocked by my dad for buying 2 Duran Duran albums in 2 weeks.

    1. Mick Flavin

      Dad walks into the room, Barbarella is on the TV. You change the channel quickly to an athletics event featuring an Israeli athlete, then to Keith Floyd pouring some runny gravy on a spud. Then he sees the two album covers on the ground. He exclaims…

      “Durand Durand, Jew ran, jus ran, Duran Duran-“Duran Duran”, Duran Duran-“Rio”!”

  2. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    I like Joe. Joe is the best male presenter on TXFM, but Kelly-Anne Byrne is the best overall presenter.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      I think Cathal is very good on the morning show. He’s knowledgeable without being a show off.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    1986 (& 1985)… everyone’s going loopy over satanic music… my Da reads the entire blood inked lyrics on the sleeve of Slayer’s Reign In Blood… “Sell the lot!” …Mum jumps in, something about “Mass”… and Novena’s followed, fuppin’ Novena’s, and Van Morrison stickin’ his nose in, the big pr*ck, he was up in the Cathedral spoutin’ sh*te about rockin’ roll music leading to a drink and drug fuelled way of life, and others around, the believers of anything and everything whispered, pinning “satan music” to his arguments. Bunch o’ fuppin’ backstards Ted !

    Sometime later… my Da thinks I sold all the “satan music” and brings me to town to buy some new non-satan music. And that’s how I ended up buying Psycho Candy :)

      1. Bingo

        The best thrash album ever?
        I listening to it walking into work every now & then.
        Big sh*t-eating grin on my face!

    1. ThePeoplesHero

      That was about the same time that the Nuns send a letter home in my kid brother’s skewlbag informing us all about Proctor & Gamble’s satan worshipping and not to buy anything with the moon and star logo on it.

      My mother freaked out ransacked the house and everything from washing powder to toothpaste got fecked out. Then there was the stomp up to the manager in Quinnsworth in Dundrum to give him hell… In fairness to my mortification she was not the only one…. All the mammies were at it…

      I remember the letter. Total wangdoodle stuff. Hoax or not, if the Nuns say you throw out your detergent, deodorant or pregnant shameful hussy teenage daughters, yis better comply.

      Shure they were the best days, the older ones.

  4. Cabra 'broombridge' West

    He’s much better in the afternoons than he was on the (awful) Phantom breakfast show with Keith Walsh.

  5. tarfton clax

    He was the ruination of Phantom. Rubbish in the morning with that plank Keith. Had to switch to Lyric to maintain. Sanity and then just went back to playing Burzum and Behemoth in the morning.

  6. I got opinions

    Cant understand why this guy is still on the radio. He is painfully bad. Embodies all that is wrong with txfm and goes a long way to explaining the decline of phantom

  7. Freia

    Well there you have it, Joe. If you believe the lovers, you must also believe the haters, not a bad way to keep the ego checked. Keep up the good/bad work, you’re great/terrible.

  8. Bingo

    Love that Pulp album.
    “I’ve kissed your mother twice……now I’m working on your Dad”

    1. Mick Flavin

      “Everybody asks your name, they say we’re all the same, and it’s “Nice one, Geezer!”…and that’s as far as the conversation went…”

      1. ivan

        “If fashion is your trade/then when you’re naked/I guess you must be unemployed”

        it’s a great album alright. One of those that hasn’t lost its lustre over time.

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