The Born Supremacy



Ah here.

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly‘s British General Election election literature.


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51 thoughts on “The Born Supremacy

  1. timmy

    The one thing I really like to see in my Mp is the ability to tie their own shoelaces.

    Good man, Gerry.

    1. Mick Flavin

      Don’t get ahead of yourself there, he’s tied nothing yet in that photo. You’re falling for his propaganda.

  2. scottser

    i knew the ‘anti-jonny’ policy would one day pay off, and all thanks to conservative catholic dogma :)

    1. The Old Boy

      People on both sides of the divide often remark that the Nationalist community will eventually breed its way to a united Ireland.

  3. kurtz

    Unfortunately genuine secular Republicanism of the enlightenment kind that Wolfe Tone dreamed of has been completely hijacked by Catholic Nationalism in the 20th century. The ‘Republicans’ that won independence in the 1920’s were happy enough to hand over the reins to Rome and let Irish people be subservient again to a different empire. Gerry Kelly seems to be of the same ilk, there is a very conservative sectarian religious aspect to Sinn Fein, for a party that is supposedly Marxist.

    1. Mé Féin

      The revolutionaries that fought the War of Independence were more secular than the crowd that eventually formed the Free State government. They were nothing more than Roman Catholic reactionaries. Them and their knuckle-dragging Protestant fundie friends in the North have a lot to answer for.

    1. Ultach

      Aww to be shure to be shure, ye freeshteyters do be awful cute wit de owl nordie ekshent so ye do be so ye do be. Now do be gone awey ahn beck tee yere fwitefweshed hahvel wit de sow on de dhresshur an moynd de delf an aall and let uss hindushtrial norderners git ahn wit a bit af ahnest shekteryenism an milkin de hInglish dhry, so be shure.

  4. Ultach

    I saw this doing the rounds on social media and on Slugger O’Toole. If it’s genuine I’d be genuinely surprised and disgusted. I haven’t seen it refuted or defended so far though.
    On a somewhat tangential pedantic note (I know, not like me right?), it’s the UK general election, not the British general election. Britain is only part, if a big part, of the UK. It’s happening in north east Ireland as well which I’m sure hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice is still in the UK. But not in Britain. Would also be accurate to call it the Westminster election. Hope that’s cleared that up then.

    1. Jess

      Its fine to say British elections because we’re talking politics, not geography. Its like the fact that people from Northern Ireland are British citizens rather than citizens of the united kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland.

      1. Ultach

        Fine if you want to be innacurate. The election is for the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. And people in Northern Ireland have the choice to be a UK citizen, an Irish citizen or both, with the agreement of the government of both states. Does this really still need to be explained?

        1. Joe the Lion

          You really shouldn’t care what us free staters think we’d throw you under the bus in a second if someone threw in a few pints or 99 ice creams to close the deal

          1. Ultach

            Yis would do it again? Looks like us poor innocent nordies remain impossibly trusting and naive

    2. ahjayzis

      Living in/on Britain, it’s the British general election. People over here are paying about as much attention to the completely detached infantile sectarian bullshit going on in NI as it merits – none.
      I’m not going to change my vocabulary because the screamy statelet of NI is hypersensitive about absolutely bloody everything.

      1. Formerly known as

        it is a pity that the British didn’t have that attitude 100 years ago. if they had respected the democratic wishes of Ireland, everyone would be a lot happier (the unionists could have gone home).

  5. Mr. T.

    Wolfe Tone is well worth reading up on if you don’t know much about him. He was the last chance Ireland had at being independent, uniting all religions and in the French model (before Bonaparte ballsed it up).

    We could have been an entirely self governing country, perhaps still subjects of the British Monarchy but that in time would have changed too.

    General John Knox of the British Army organized the Protestant Yeomanry into a military ranked group who then infiltrated the Orange Order in the late 1700s and led a campaign of disarming Catholics, both literally and influentially. It weakened the strength of the poorer Irish to come out of plain sight and rise up.

    Everything that happened in the Twentieth Century has its direct links with the 1798 Rebellion which was when Ireland had a real chance at independence – If only the bloody French could have got their act together.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Well said. The late 18th Century was an incredibly active time for Irish republicanism and it’s where anyone reading Irish history ultimately arrives and stays.

    2. kurtz

      The Catholic church hierarchy also hampered the rebellion because they feared that it would see a similar reaction to the Catholic church that had happened in France after the revolution (killing of priests, confiscating of church land and assets, a secular state etc) Although many priests on a local level did support the rebellion. A bigger ground swell of support for the rebellion from the majority population could have been encouraged by the church.

      Also if the French had launched a successful invasion, it’s interesting to think how Ireland would have turned out, and Europe in general. It would have weakened the British empire, and possibly would have helped Napoleon stay in power and conquer more of Europe.

      1. The Old Boy

        It is often forgotten that the Roman Catholic Church had a long-standing policy of supporting the lawful temporal power of the land. This softened somewhat in a country with penal laws, but the Vatican was much to shrewd a diplomatic operator to offer support to rebels against a powerful nation.

  6. Dubloony

    If anyone was in any doubt that all elections in NI are just a sectarian headcount, this confirms it.

    1. Dongle

      Does much else go on up there? Ever watched the UTV or BBC NI news? Same drivel every day. Someone’s offended by bla bla, march march here and there, angry fat men in cheap suits and angry tattooed toothless men in expensive tracksuits. I think it’s been on a loop for the past 20 years.

      1. Ultach

        ‘Bout sums it up. Fine analysis there Dongle. We can only aspire to 26 county best practice.

        1. ahjayzis

          Oh come, NI is in an entirely different galaxy when it comes to political incontinence. Major constitutional crises over a f**king flag? Verge of governmental collapse over a bunch of racist babies wanting to go on a parade and throwing their dollies out of the pram when they can’t? There’s no country more ridiculous and so up in it’s own hole it doesn’t even realise it.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Aye. Shame really as it has so much to offer. Like incredible unspoilt landscapes and natural resources.

          2. Ultach

            NI is a major constitutional crises, a totally artificial political construct brought about to appease violent imperialist Britishers anti-Irish bullyboys, giving them free rein to indulge their sectarianism with as much glee as Jimmy Savile in a children’s hospital, with the rest of Ireland wilfully ignoring and standing idley by. Whatever else it is it’s not a country, and it beats me why England wants to hang on to it.

          3. ahjayzis

            It beats me why anyone in the Republic wants them either. We all know it’s existence is a fraud, but that’s history now.
            They need to sort their house out first and foremost, transferring parental responsibility from London to Dublin won’t fix their broken society for them, it would only inflame the infection, and the republic is far more likely to suffer contagion.

          4. Dongle

            Leave Westminster prop them up. They’d cripple us. It’s not a real economy that they have.

          5. Ultach

            It’s not about transferring sovereignty from London to Dublin. Both Irish statelets are dysfunctional. Should get rid of them both and form a new all-Ireland republic.

          6. scottser

            We should invade the 6 counties and have done with it. On the day of their elections would be most convenient..

          7. Rob_G


            “Both Irish statelets are dysfunctional” – I beg your pardon, we’re a proper country.

            “Should get rid of them both and form a new all-Ireland republic” – no thanks, we’ve got enough of our own problems without subsidising our northern brethern to the tune of £11bn per year.

          8. Ultach

            @ Rob G
            26 countie a proper country? Me hole.
            subsidising? Hahahahahaha. Since when has the 26 county statelet been self sufficient?

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