Sword Fighting Class(2)


Nice parry.

Tadhg Murphy writes;

I’ve been teaching life drawing classes in Dublin or a while now. The classes are popular and the students really like them, but I’m struggling to get the word out to a wider circle. I noticed you put a piece up about the drawing sessions at the Back Loft, so I was wondering if there was any chance…Next week is ‘sword fighting poses’..


To draw naked guys with swords click here

7 thoughts on “Lunge!

  1. spud1

    ‘Spud1, could you please hold your sword to the left instead?’

    ‘Sword? But I haven’t been given one yet…’

  2. newsjustin

    If you followed the * direction to the letter, you’d end up paying nothing.

    1. Tadhg

      Hi there- send me an email to dublindrawing@gmail.com, and I will send you a discount voucher and some details of the deals for bunches of classes you can do over the next few months. Hope to see you on Wednesday…

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